Center for Global Connections

students learning African dance with villagers while on mission trip

Go Global with SBU's CGC

Southwest Baptist University’s Center for Global Connections (CGC) coordinates domestic and international ministry projects, giving you an opportunity to experience diverse cultures, serve others, and share the Good News of the Gospel. The Center for Global Connections is dedicated to representing Christ globally by equipping the SBU community to live on mission (locally, domestically, and globally) and providing participants strategic educational experiences to be holistically transformed.

SBU and the CGC have helped me grow as a leader and develop confidence in what the Lord can accomplish through me.

Allison Cormican, Biology student and CGC team leader
Allison Cormican, current student and CGC project leader

The purpose of the CGC is to connect you to a larger world. You should see your neighbor, your city, your country, "the ends of the earth" and be compelled to act.  The CGC is committed to developing student leaders for a global society.  You must learn to care for others while preparing to serve with others as a team.  The CGC leads students into the global classroom to learn and to minister to others physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Thousands of students have served through the CGC since the department was founded, making it one of the largest short-term volunteer programs in the United States. These projects will expose you to short-term ministry in a cross-cultural context, develop grace oriented leadership, and provide a healthy, safe, and loving community experience.

Participating in missions was a highlight of my experience at SBU. I learned so much about living out my faith through serving and loving others, and I was able to experience and share God's love in ways that strengthened my relationship with Christ.

Caitlin Tufts '15, Led mission trips to Baja California, Mexico through SBU's CGC
Caitlin Tufts, SBU alum

serving with the CGC

The CGC provides access to a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in a cross-cultural context. Some types of ministry opportunities that you can participate with the CGC include:

  • Villages
  • Disaster relief
  • Inner city
  • Trekking/village
  • Teaching English
  • Refugees/immigrants
  • Youth/children's ministry
  • Medical
  • Hygiene/nutrition education
  • Well drilling/clean water
  • First American Reservation work

The CGC offers projects year-round in a variety of locations both domestically and internationally. They also facilitate the Contact program, an opportunity geared toward SBU graduates who are committed to serving overseas for a full year.

When you choose to participate in a CGC project you are enrolled in a course that fulfills an Intercultural Studies academic credit. This is a requirement of anyone who wishes to be a part of a CGC ministry team. These ministry teams are not seen merely as an extra-curricular activity but as a valuable opportunity for you to learn, grow, serve, and reach the world beyond yourself. The curriculum for this course is designed to be fulfilled through both weekly trainings and an on-field experience. The CGC holds trainings for each team specific to the needs of the project to ensure you are well prepared for your particular task.

Over the course of a semester prior to leaving, the CGC staff will partner with you and come alongside you as you plan, train, and fundraise for your trip. The CGC staff is committed to your spiritual development and well-being as you seek to serve in various locations. You will also develop deep relationships with your fellow teammates, with whom you will work closely with in the months leading up to departure.

joining a CGC Project

For those interested in serving on a ministry team, please contact the Center for Global Connections at (417) 328-1900 or stop by the CGC office in the Goodson Student Union.

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