CGC Opportunities

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Each year, the Center for Global Connections organizes and equips dozens of projects in locations across the globe. Use the map below to learn more about current CGC opportunities or to donate to a project team.

Local Projects


Catalyst CGC Project

SBU's Catalyst Team serves as a support team for the Center for Global Connections department and CGC teams. Catalyst team members promote mission awareness on the SBU campus, support current CGC projects, facilitate communication between the SBU student body and the CGC department, and help encourage mission participants.

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Disaster Relief CGC Project

Each year we experience a number of natural disasters in the USA. SBU's Disaster Relief team is trained to respond to these disasters. This year-round team will travel to affected areas as schedules allow. Disaster relief training is coordinated through the Missouri Baptist Convention. Volunteers will help clear debris, "mud out" buildings after flooding, provide childcare and food services, and more.

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House of Hope CGC Project

Polk County House of Hope provides immediate and long-term safety to victims of domestic and sexual violence and their children through a hotline, victim services, emergency shelter or placement in a safe facility, and connection to community resources. This SBU team will minister with House of Hope weekly through service projects, providing activities for the women and children, and caring for the needs of the residents as they arrive.

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Leviticus 19:32 CGC Project

"Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the Lord." Many of the elderly are lonely and have no family. They are suffering from ailments that prevent them from participating in life in ways they have in the past. This team will be a bridge by helping the elderly in practical ways as they meet weekly in a local nursing home where they will also help lead activities.

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Polk County CGC Project

This local Bolivar team will host an after-school Good News Club for children aged kindergarten through fifth grade every Wednesday afternoon. Many of these children are from un-churched backgrounds and Good News Club provides an opportunity for them and their families to get to know Jesus. Activities with the children include Bible stories, Scripture memory, songs, snacks and games. This project is in partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

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U.S. Projects

Cheyenne River

Cheyenne River CGC Project

The Cheyenne River team serves the Lord by serving the Lakota people on the Cheyenne River Reservation. The team will develop relationships with the people on the reservation and learn from them. The goal is to help move the Lakota people to self-sufficiency in gardening while having conversations about faith. Team members will show Christ's love to the Lakota people and bring the reality of God's Kingdom to them. This will help lay the groundwork for a future church plant.

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Houston CGC Project

More than 100 different ethnic groups reside in Houston making it one of the most multicultural cities in the country. SBU's Houston team will share the love of Christ in inner-city Houston in partnership with the Faith Center and First Baptist Church of Houston. Team members will join in various ministry opportunities including teaching children and youth, tutoring, service ministry, street evangelism, visiting different religious sites, and assisting in a local food bank and clothing closet ministry.

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Run Without Borders

Dates: January 9-22, 2019

More info coming soon.

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Passion Conference

Dates: January 2-5, 2019

More info coming soon.

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International Projects


Atlas CGC Project

The Atlas team will journey to one of the most hospitable cultures of the world where the majestically rugged Atlas Mountains are inhabited by a people group called the Berber. Located in North Africa, this people group is scattered across several countries who often live high in the mountains or in remote desert areas. Though these followers of Islam refer to themselves as the "free people," they have not heard about the true freedom in Jesus Christ for hundreds of years. Trip participants will trek long distances and will be involved in a variety of projects that could include construction, literature and blanket distribution, sheep vaccinations, and a "day in the life of a Berber." The team will proclaim the Gospel and encourage the local believers.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic CGC Project

This team will meet physical and spiritual needs by partnering with a local church and medical facility in Dominican Republic. Ministry opportunities will include serving in a medical clinic, providing needed medical supplies, construction work with the local church, and handing out basic supplies such as clothing, shoes and backpacks.

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Guatemala CGC Project

The CGC continues a long-standing partnership with Casa Bernabe orphanage in Guatemala City. This orphanage is home to more than 135 children on a beautiful 13 acre campus. All of the children come from difficult living situations. Many of the staff members are former recipients of this loving care. The SBU team will assist their ministry by serving the orphanage in a variety of ways including service projects, playing with the children, and providing childcare during a staff retreat weekend.

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Lithuania CGC Project

SBU's Lithuania team will partner with Future Leaders Foundation and The Baptist Union of Lithuania to come alongside young Lithuanian church leaders and assist in leading children and youth camps. The team also will assist with church services and conduct seminars to train youth leaders. They will provide valuable support, training, and encouragement to the Lithuanian church leadership as they reach their country with the Gospel.

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Mongolia CGC Project

SBU's Mongolia team will travel to the capital city of this sparsely populated country. They will camp alongside the gers of the nomadic herdsmen of Mongolia and will share their testimonies and God's story (Creation to Christ). The team also will assist with work in impoverished communities working toward poverty relief while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Dates: January 2-16, 2019

Partnering with Go in the Name ministries, this team will serve in El Valle, Panama, a mountainous community outside of Panama City.  The team will partner with a local church to assist in various activities from canvassing neighborhoods to assisting in VBS and door-to-door evangelism.

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Pyrenees CGC Project

This team will hike through beautiful northern Spain and make friends with fellow pilgrims from all over the world. Each day, the team will have the opportunity to share testimonies, experience group meals, help fellow travelers, and explain the Gospel message. Each year, thousands of sorrow stories are carried by pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. SBU's team will minister to these people by explaining how these sorrows and burdens are carried by Jesus.

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Raimundo CGC Project

SBU's Raimundo team will work together to build a house for a family in need in Guatemala. The team will stay in a nearby church or facility as they spend a week building this home from start to finish under the supervision of a professional builder.

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Senegal CGC Project

This team will travel to three villages in the eastern part of Senegal to share testimonies and the Good News to the Jahanka and Mandinka people groups. The trip will involve evangelism through storytelling, discipleship, and encouragement. The team will be fully immersed in the culture as they sleep in huts, gather water, and help prepare meals. Visiting villagers, greeting and storying with them through translators will be the primary focus of this trip.

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South Asia

South Asia CGC Project

This team will reach out to the youth of South Asia as they hang out with college students, build friendships, learn about their culture and beliefs, and share the hope of Jesus with them. SBU's team will encourage the few local believers as they help reach local college students with the Gospel.

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Thailand CGC Project

The team's ministry in Chiang Mai will include serving alongside an orphanage by caring for the children, performing service projects, and providing a much-needed retreat for the Thai staff. The team will conduct a VBS at an area hostel working with children and youth, share their testimonies in local churches, and prayer walk the streets of Chiang Mai.

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