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Pre-Engineering Program

Start your engineering career with SBU's pre-engineering program

Are you interested in pursuing a career in engineering but also desire to receive a Christian education? SBU's unique pre-engineering program is a great fit for you.

Program Tracks

Regardless of the type of engineering you wish to pursue, we will work with you to develop an academic plan to help you achieve your goals.

3+2 Option

Spend three years at SBU studying physics and completing most of your general education and pre-engineering required courses. You will then continue on at an engineering school of your choice to complete an engineering degree in subjects such as aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, geological, mechanical, nuclear or petroleum engineering.

With this unique arrangement you will graduate from both SBU with a physics degree and  graduate from an engineering school with an engineering degree.

Sample Course Plan

2+2 Option

Spend two years as a pre-engineering student at SBU and be equipped to then complete your engineering degree at the engineering school of your choice. Study within our Division of Computing & Mathematics to prepare for a degree in computer, electrical or industrial engineering.

4+2 Option

Complete a bachelor's degree at SBU (typically done in four years) and then proceed to an engineering school to complete a master's degree (typically done in two years) in a specialized engineering area. You can complete your bachelor's degree at SBU as a double major in physics and in subjects such as computer science, chemistry, and mathematics while working with an academic advisor one-on-one to ensure you satisfy all prerequisites for graduate school. Taking this path will allow you to receive your bachelor's degree from an institution of Christian higher education while also being equipped to quickly complete a graduate level program, which will increase your career opportunities.