High School Invitational Choir

SBU is pleased to host the High School Invitational Choir on Saturday, February 15, 2020. This free event is for nominated top high school choir students to encounter the collegiate choral experience. Chosen through directors’ nominations, select high school singers merge with the university’s premiere choral ensemble, the Chorale, for a day of rehearsals leading to the formal evening concert of significant repertoire.

Invited singers will:

  • Perform and rehearse in partnership with university singers in creating a once-in-a-lifetime concert
  • Experience the focus of preparing challenging choral repertoire
  • Gain an enduring context of the art which they will bring back to their schools
  • Learn and use proper vocal technique as it relates to choral tone and personal vocal growth
  • Bring home a higher level of confidence in themselves and their possibilities

Event schedule

9 a.m. Registration
9:30 a.m. Rehearsal
11:30 a.m. Brunch
12:30 p.m. Rehearsal
1:45 p.m. Break
2 p.m. Rehearsal
3:30 p.m. Break
3:45 p.m. Rehearsal
5 p.m. Dinner
6 p.m. Dress for Concert
6:30 p.m. Concert Call
7 p.m. Concert (reception following)


The nomination period for this year's Invitational Choir has closed. Selected students may respond to their invitation using the Student Invitation Response Form.

Student Response Form