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Frequently Asked Questions: Spring 2022 Plans

View answers to frequently asked questions regarding Southwest Baptist University's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and campus operations plans for the Fall 2021 semester. The updated Bearcat Blueprint provides the detailed plan for the Fall 2021 semester.


All classes scheduled to meet in-person will meet in-person.

We strongly recommend each student bring a personal computer for completing coursework in between in-person class sessions. The University recommends the use of a Windows PC or Apple computer. A Chromebook may not be the best choice for many disciplines. However, computer labs will be open for use by students who do not have a computer. Cleaning supplies will be available for students to clean computers before and after use. 

Health and Safety

Face coverings are recommended for all individuals.

Please continue to be respectful of others and wear a mask when requested. Some individuals may be part of a vulnerable population and feel more comfortable with those around them wearing face coverings.

SBU facilities staff continue to clean and sanitize facilities on a regular basis. Hand sanitizer stations continue to be available across campus.

Any student on any campus who tests positive for COVID-19 should immediately notify the SBU Killian Health Center at (417) 328-1888. 

We have developed  guidelines for when we have a positive COVID-19 test on any of our campuses.

Review our full positive COVID-19 case plan

On the Bolivar campus, free COVID-19 testing is available for students with COVID-19 symptoms. Contact the SBU Killian Health Center at (417) 328-1888 to schedule an appointment.

Students on other SBU campuses should work directly with their local health department for COVID-19 testing.


The first person to contact is the student. The student receives all information via a phone call from the SBU Killian Health Center and an email from Residence Life. This email includes all pertinent information about the quarantine.

For health-related questions, please contact the SBU Health Center at (417) 328-1888. This can include questions regarding quarantine dates and what to do if symptoms progress or reside.

For students on the Bolivar campus, contact Student Life at (417) 328-1885. 

Options for students living on-campus:

  1. Go home during the quarantine or self-isolation period. This is the preferred option.
  2. Students who are not able to return home will be transitioned to a designated residence facility or a room designated for use by students in quarantine or isolation.

Options for students living off-campus:

  1. Go home during the quarantine or self-isolation period. This is the preferred option.
  2. Stay in off-campus housing, having no contact with roommates.

Students living on-campus must complete a form (link provided in an email sent to the student) providing information to assist with food preparation and delivery. Meals will be delivered daily during dinner, including breakfast and lunch for the next day. The meal delivery includes a hot dinner, continental breakfast, and a cold lunch.

Students living off-campus may order groceries online and pickup at stores offering a curbside delivery, such as Woods Supermarket or Walmart. 

Yes. Packages should be addressed to the location where the student is in quarantine or self-isolation. 

SBU Killian Health Center and Residence Life staff check on students daily when they are in isolation or quarantine.  

If a student begins experiencing symptoms in quarantine or if symptoms worsen in isolation, the student needs to call the University Health Center (417-328-1888) or 911 immediately. 

Students are expected to contact their professors to inform them of their quarantine or isolation status.

When in self-isolation or quarantine, DO:

  • Stay home or in designated housing as instructed
  • Follow instructions given by your local health care professional
  • Stay in your own bedroom
  • Use a private bathroom if available
  • Keep in contact with friends virtually
  • Monitor for symptoms
  • Clean high-touch surfaces — phones, remote controls, sink, toilet, countertops, doorknobs, and light switches
  • Keep your medical appointments
  • Go outside for fresh air and exercise
    • Keep social distance of six feet or more between yourself and others
    • Wear a face covering
    • Avoid crowds
    • Avoid driving or riding in a vehicle with others
    • Enjoy the time outside
  • Order any prescription medications online
  • Order groceries online and pick up at stores offering a curbside delivery, such as Woods Grocery and Walmart

When in self-isolation or quarantine, DON'T:

  • Do not attend seated classes, work or other public areas until isolation or quarantine time is completed
  • Do not share common living areas such as the kitchen, living rooms or TV areas
  • Do not have visitors, go on dates, or hang out with others
  • Do not use public transportation
  • Do not share personal items with others
  • Do not enter any campus buildings
  • Do not go through a drive-thru for food or drinks
  • Don't make hair, manicure, pedicure or barber appointments; these are examples of non-essential appointments

Campus Services

Call the ITS Help Desk at (417) 328-1702 or send an email to Contact the Help Desk if you are not able to access SBU resources such as MySBU or Blackboard. Students who do not have technology available for online course delivery should contact their professors.
The Meyer Wellness and Sports Center is open. Visit the Wellness Center page for current operating hours and guidelines.
The Killian Health Center office is open by appointment only. Please call (417) 328-1888 to schedule an appointment. You will be asked about your symptoms, recent travel and any known exposure to someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 case. 

SBU continues to work closely with the University’s food service provider, to implement protocols providing a safe dining environment. Tables in Mellers Dining Commons are arranged to facilitate physical distancing.

Campus Events

Campus life activities will continue where we can make adjustments with appropriate health protocols. 

Financial Information

Call the Office of Financial Aid at (417) 328-1822 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Call the Cashier’s Office at (417) 328-1523 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Residence Life

We prefer for students to travel home during any necessary quarantine period, but we have a designated on-campus facility for potential quarantine use.


  • In-person visits are being conducted with extra health and safety precautions in place.
  • Individual virtual visits are available.
  • Schedule your visit at

We are still accepting students for our Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 classes, and financial aid is still available. Applications can be submitted online at any time.

Apply now!

SBU understands getting transcripts and/or taking the ACT/SAT is a struggle right now. To assist, SBU is temporarily moving to test optional and self-reported high school GPA for all admission. However, to potentially improve academic scholarship eligibility, students may elect to take the online CLT test

Please contact your admissions counselor if you have questions or concerns. 

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