Southwest Baptist University offers more than 80 areas of academic study taught by highly qualified faculty who are here to teach and invest in the lives of our students. We are thankful for these faculty members who are dedicated to sharing their expertise with our students in a caring, Christ-centered environment.

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Full-Time Faculty

College of Education and Social Sciences

Kevin Schriver, Psy.D., Dean

Department of Behavioral Sciences

Shelley Kilpatrick, Ph.D., Department Chair
Chris Dinwiddie, Ph.D.
Bill DuVall, Ph.D.
Debbie Gamble, M.A.
Jennifer Maloney, Ed.D.
Matthew Rice, J.D.
Phil Rohrer, Ed.S.
Neoma Sanders, M.S.W.
Phillip Truscott, Ph.D.
Debbie Walker, Psy.D.
Dwayne Walker, M.S.W.
Bill Walkup, M.S.

Department of Education

Dwight Haun, Ed.D., Department Chair
Julie Bryant, Ed.D.
Donna Depee, Ed.S.
Jennifer Fox, Ed.D.
Chuck Lentz, Ph.D.
Scott Morrison, Ed.D.
Sarah Russback, Ed.D.
Tamara Samek, Ed.D.
Colleen Shuler, M.S.
Cathy Smith, Ed.S.
Ken Spurgeon, Ed.S.

Department of Graduate Studies in Education

Kevin Patterson, Ed.D, Department Chair
Mick Arnold, Ed.D.
Nancy Colbaugh, Ed.D.
Tammy Condren, Ed.D.
Benny Fong, Ed.D.
Pam Hedgpeth, Ed.D.
Joe Sartorius, Ph.D.
Duane Widhalm, Ed.D.

Department of Kinesiology

Joe Wooderson, Ed.S., Department Chair
Daniel Garten, M.S.
John Hinsley, Ed.S.
Paul Putt, M.S.
Gina Whitehead, M.S.

Department of History and Political Science

Tim Wood, Ph.D., Department Chair
Coyle Neal, Ph.D.
Kwasi Ofori-Yeboah, Ph.D.
James Smith, Ph.D.

College of Science and mathematics

Perry Tompkins, Ph.D., Dean

Department of Athletic Training

TJ John, M.A., Department Chair
Jason Halverson, M.A.
Mike Wolhoy, M.S.

Department of Biology

Craig Endres, Ph.D., Department Chair
John Murphy, Ph.D.
Hillary Glauser-Patton, Ph.D.
Dennis Siegfried, Ph.D. 
Renfang Taylor, Ph.D.
Tao Wei, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry and Physics

John Patton, Ph.D., Department Chair
Craig Masters, Ph.D. 
Danielle West, Ph.D.
Jena Whetstine, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics

Kevin Hopkins, Ph.D., Department Chair
Stephen Bowling, Ph.D. 
Tim Chappell, M.S.
Bob Glasgow, Ph.D.

Department of Physical Therapy

Steven Lesh, Ph.D., Department Chair
Terry Cox, D.P.T.
Amber Fleer, D.P.T.
Herb Hamann, D.P.T.
Kevin Jones, D.P.T.
Sarah Jones, D.P.T.
Josh Layman, D.P.T.
Connie Matheny, Ph.D.
Beverly McNeal, D.P.T.
Becky Schoeneberg, D.P.T.
Tom Sneed, D.P.T.
Martuan Stockstill, M.S.
Marsha Trantham, M.S.P.T.

Courts Redford college of theology and ministry

Rodney Reeves, Ph.D., Dean

Department of Christian Ministry

Duke Jones, Ph.D., Department Chair
Michael Fuhrman, Ph.D.
Prosperly Lyngdoh, Ph.D.
Kelly Malone, Ph.D.

Department of Theology

Bing Bayer, Ph.D., Department Chair
Don Denton, Ph.D.

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Zach Manis, Ph.D., Director

Geneva Casebolt College of Music, Arts and Letters

Jeffery Waters, D.M.A., Dean

Department of Art

Chadd Caldwell, M.F.A.
Grant Cochran, B.S.
W. Mitch Yung, M.F.A.

Bob R. Derryberry School of Communication Arts

Jordan Compton, M.A., Department Chair
David Bailey, Ph.D.
Paulina Swiatkowski, Ph.D.
Jonathan Wehmeyer, M.A.
Bethany Wood, Ph.D.

Department of Language and Literature

Holly Hill-Stanford, Ph.D., Department Chair
Autumn Finley, Ph.D.
Carla Kirchner, M.F.A.
Elsy Shuford, D.D.S.
Todd Sukany, M.A.

Department of Music

Robert Carney, D.M.A., Department Chair
Brian Hopwood, D.M.A.
Melinda Smashey Jones, D.M.A.
James Tarrant, D.M.A.
Renee Waters, D.M.A.
Terri Wehmeyer, D.M.A.

Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Brittney Hendrickson, D.N.P., Dean
Sylvia Barber, D.N.P.
Cynthia Beasley, M.S.N.
Katy Brandes, M.A.
Terri Briggs, M.S.N.
Kimberly Burks, M.S.N.
Kristi Burks, M.S.N.
Rebecca Cave, M.S.N.
Kati Clancy, M.S.N.
Lisa Cunningham, M.S.N.
Heather Daulton, M.S.N.
Nancy Delmont, M.S.N.
Michael Dickerson, M.S.
Amanda Doneski, Ed.D.
Suzanne Givens, M.S.N.
Tamara Glessner, M.S.N.
Lisa Heiser, B.S.
Camille Kochs, B.S.N.
Kevin Konyha, M.Ed.
Rachel Kopsas, M.S.N.
Renay McCarley, D.N.P.
Shannon McKinzie, M.S.N.
Patricia Mickelberg, M.S.N.
Suzie Morrow, D.N.P.
Tori O'Brien, B.S.N.
Kelly Paulie, M.S.N.
Leigha Pellegren, M.S.N.
Cindy Reed, M.S.N.
Courtney Smith, B.S.N.
Jodie Snider, M.S.N.
Stacy Soden, Ed.D.
Paula Steiert, M.S.
Blair Stockton, B.S.N.
Cindy Todd, D.N.P.
Julie Wilken, M.S.N.
Bethany Woods, M.S.N.
Sherri Young, M.S.N.
Sharon Zahn, D.N.P.

Robert W. Plaster College of Business and Computer Science

Troy Bethards, D.B.A., Dean

Department of Accounting

Jenell Wagner, M.Acc., Department Chair
Sharla Bailey, M.B.A.
Kristin Hamm, M.Acc.

Department of business Administration

Nathan Wright, J.D. Department Chair
Aaron Black, D.Mgt.
Angela Brown-Peterson, D.B.A.
Ryder King, M.B.A.
John Zietlow, D.B.A.

Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Tim DeClue, Ph.D., Department Chair
Jim Cain, Ph.D.
Meilani Conley, M.S.
Amos Gichamba, Ph.D.
Jeff Kimball, Ph.D.
Baochuan Lu, Ph.D.

Master of Business Administration

Levi Bridge, D.B.A., Director

University Success Center

Dana Steward, Ed.D., Director
Julie DuVall, M.A.
Abbey Kimberling, M.Ed.
Kevin Marcum, M.S.
Jodi Meadows, Ph.D.