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Southwest Baptist University is partnering with CampusEdu

Southwest Baptist University is entering into a strategic partnership with CampusEdu. This partnership will equip SBU to reach more students and enhance its online learning experiences.

“SBU is known throughout the Midwest for its innovative degrees in MBA, Nursing, and Cybersecurity, to name a few. Campus is now a partner with SBU in developing innovative practices and enrolling mission-fit students from high schools, churches, and the business community,” says Eric Currie, Campus’s VP of Enrollment Success. “This partnership is why Campus exists — to further expand SBU’s missional reach with beautiful online course experiences!”

There are three primary goals for this partnership.

  1. Online Course Enhancement — SBU will work with Campus Studios (Campus’s Learning Design Team) to reimagine some of its online courses and programs. Through high-quality video, storytelling, and instructional design, these courses will educate students in immersive ways.
  2. Course Sharing — SBU is joining the growing community of Christian colleges and universities that will share online courses through Campus Discover — Campus’s course-sharing platform.
  3. Dual Enrollment — Students from across the country can access SBU’s dual enrollment courses through the Campus platform. SBU will also benefit from Campus’ strategic partnership with the Association of Christian Schools International.

The challenges faced by Christian higher education institutions have been exacerbated by the extraordinary global events of recent years,” SBU’s Vice President for Online Learning, Ron Miller, shares. “In such a tumultuous environment, and with SBU’s leadership charting a bold course for the university, it is refreshing to discover a company that not only understands these challenges on a global scale but empathizes with the unique needs of Christian higher learning and is dedicated to meeting those needs specifically. Their products and services are particularly well suited for online learning and will allow us to ramp up more quickly than we could on our own.”

 This multi-year partnership will further establish SBU as a leader in Christ-centered education around the globe.

*Published: 10/13/2022