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SBU Trustees affirm relationship with MBC

BOLIVAR, Mo. — Southwest Baptist University’s Board of Trustees approved a resolution affirming and acknowledging SBU’s relationship and common goals with the Missouri Baptist Convention during its July 29 board meeting.

“This is an important statement of SBU’s commitment to the Missouri Baptist Convention and our family of churches,” said Ryan Palmer, chairman of the SBU Board of Trustees. “SBU and our trustees are committed to the process of working through the governing documents in good faith. SBU was a loyal member of the MBC family while other entities sought to distance themselves. SBU continues to be a faithful partner with no intention to sever these ties.”

The Board will meet again in August.


Affirmation and Acknowledgment of Common Goals

WHEREAS Southwest Baptist University is an entity of the Missouri Baptist Convention, and seeks to continue its relationship with the Missouri Baptist Convention; and,

WHEREAS Southwest Baptist University, in the spirit of Christian brotherhood, seeks to reaffirm the mutually beneficial relationship of the University and the Missouri Baptist Convention;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Board of Trustees of Southwest Baptist University approves the Affirmation and Acknowledgment of Common Goals.


On March 20, 1878, Southwest Baptist University was chartered as South West Baptist College. For over 140 years, Southwest Baptist University continuously has been one of the preeminent Southern Baptist institutions of higher learning in America. Southwest Baptist has been and remains an institution of higher learning dedicated to the purpose of glorifying God through its mission of teaching and learning. Southwest Baptist University is distinctively Christian and Baptistic in faith, mission, values and worldview. The mission of Southwest Baptist University is to sustain a Christ-centered academic community that prepares students to be servant leaders in a global society.

The Southern Baptist churches of Missouri joined together to form the Missouri Baptist Convention. The Missouri Baptist Convention was established for the purpose of organizing foreign and home missions and religious publications. This affiliation of churches has allowed the Missouri Baptist Convention, through the Cooperative Program, to provide assistance, support and funding of missions, educational and benevolent institutions and resources for local Southern Baptist associations, churches, and pastors in Missouri, the United States and throughout the world. Southwest Baptist University and the Missouri Baptist Convention entered into affiliation to mutually support their interrelated ministries and alignment in polity and faith, while recognizing the distinct needs and differences of SBU as an educational institution. Since that time, SBU and the MBC have maintained a cooperative and mutually supportive relationship to further their shared goals of advancing the Kingdom of Christ through their unique ministries. By this document, SBU desires to memorialize its long-standing alliance in polity and faith with the Missouri Baptist Convention and its intention to maintain this relationship in perpetuity.

At SBU, the final authority for faith and practice in University operations is God and His Holy Word, the Bible. The University has adopted a Statement of Faith in which it wholeheartedly affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as it may be amended by the Southern Baptist Convention from time to time. The University plans to submit to MBC an Amended Charter and By-laws which expressly embraces the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Southwest Baptist University declares that for more than one hundred years, it has been, is now, and forever in perpetuity shall be conformed and in harmony with the polity and mission of the Missouri Baptist Convention.

*Published: 8-4-2020