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DPT Program Admissions Requirements and Process

Application and Admission

Application to the SBU DPT program is made through the PTCAS centralized application database.

The following requirements must be met before being admitted to the physical therapy program at SBU (courses in progress during semester(s) applying must be documented and completed prior to admission):

  1. Completion of a baccalaureate degree
  2. Completion of current physical therapy program application
  3. Documented experience/observation in physical therapy; up to 40 hours will be counted and variety of experience is recommended
  4. Completion of graduate records exam (GRE)
  5. Earn a minimum 2.75 overall GPA (for all previous coursework or highest degree attained) OR earn a minimum 3.0 overall GPA for last 60 hours of completed coursework
  6. Completion of the following prerequisite courses with a minimum 3.0 prerequisite GPA and at least a "C" in each. Prerequisites should not be taken pass/fail.
    1. General Chemistry — two semesters in sequence with labs; minimum eight credit hours is expected
    2. General Physics — two semesters in sequence with labs; minimum eight credit hours is expected
    3. General Biology — one semester with lab; minimum four credit hours is expected
    4. Anatomy/Physiology — one semester each or full year combined sequence with labs from a science-based department; minimum eight credit hours is expected
    5. Statistics — one course
    6. Psychology — one course from a psychology department (general/intro, lifespan development, or abnormal psychology)
  7. Completion of the following support courses (not calculated into prerequisite GPA)
    1. Medical Terminology — one semester is required at a "B" grade or higher; one credit hour minimum expected
    2. Pathophysiology — not required, but highly recommended
    3. Exercise Physiology — not required, but highly recommended; students demonstrating successful completion of an exercise physiology course with a "B" grade or higher will be exempt from completing the exercise physiology component of the DPT program
  8. International students need to contact the department or consult the SBU catalog for additional requirements, including the TOEFL exam

Prerequisite science classes must be current. Completion of each course sequence must be within seven years prior to admission to the PT program. Exceptions may be granted only if the applicant can show that knowledge of the course content is current. Applicants seeking an exception must submit a written petition with rationale for approval.

In the case of repeat prerequisite grades, the PT program will use the "best case" scenario for determining eligibility; however, an application penalty would be applied by reducing the overall score for each repeat grade present on the transcript. The grade for any science courses repeated due to the seven-year rule will be substituted for the old class regardless of the first grade received.

Apply to SBU's DPT Program

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