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Engineering Physics Major

Prepare for an engineering career

Do you love math and have an interest in pursuing a career in engineering or physics? SBU's new degree program (launching fall 2021) in Engineering Physics will provide you with a clear path for success in graduate and advanced studies as you pursue your career goals.

The Engineering Physics program is a generalist degree that provides practical, skill-building experience in a variety of engineering avenues. You will participate in many hands-on labs and classroom experiences, which will expose you to various types of engineering, including labs in optics, statics, electricity and magnetism, electronics, and more.


Degree Plan


(100% of SBU physics graduates going on to graduate school have received a paid graduate position such as a teaching assistant job.)

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The SBU Advantage

  • Personalized one-on-one academic advisement provides flexibility to help you achieve your specific career and educational goals.
  • Work alongside expert faculty to do research while still an undergraduate student through SBU's Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program.
  • Small lecture and lab class sizes allow for more hands-on learning opportunities and closer interactions with faculty and other students.
  • Students have the opportunity to attend and present at regional and national conferences.

Faith Integration

SBU is home to the Darrell R. Strait Center for the Integration of Science and Christian Faith, which is intentionally focused on equipping students to study the history and philosophy of science, Biblical hermeneutics, and the integration of science and faith. Faculty encourage discussion of ethical issues that arise in the world of science and challenge students to use their Christian faith as the basis for approaching all issues. SBU believes strongly that science and Christian faith can be integrated and support each other.

Career Examples

Most graduates from the Engineering Physics program will go on to pursue graduate school and earn advanced degrees in engineering or physics. SBU's Engineering Physics degree sets you up to succeed in a variety of careers, such as:

Aerospace Engineer


Biomechanical Engineer

Chemical Engineer

Civil Engineer

Data Analyst

Design Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Instrumentation Engineer

IT Consultant

Lab Technician

Laser Engineer

Materials Scientist

Mechanical Engineer

Medical Physicist


Optical Engineer


Research Associate

Software Developer

Systems Analyst

Engineering Physics Program Four-Year Plan (Odd Year)


Fall Semester

KIN 1162 Foundations of Physical Fitness/Wellness 2
MAT 1195 Calculus I 5
PHY 2215 University Physics I 5
ENG 1113 English Composition I 3
UNI 1111 University Seminar 1
Total hours 16

Spring Semester

MAT 2255 Calculus II 5
PHY 2225 University Physics II 5
CIS 1033 Foundations of Computer Science 3
ENG 2213 English Composition II 3
UNI 1121 Introduction to Critical Thinking 1
Total hours 17


Fall Semester

CHE 1115 General Chemistry I 5
PHY 2314 Introduction to Engineering 4
MAT 2263 Calculus III 3
SPF 2012 Spiritual Formation 2
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 3
Total hours 17

Spring Semester

CHE 1125 General Chemistry II 5
PHY 3233 Statics 3
PHY 3231 Statics Laboratory 1
PHY 3263 Mathematics for Science & Engineering 3
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 3
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 2-3
Total hours 17-18


Fall Semester

PHY 4233 Dynamics 3
MAT 3323 Linear Algebra 3
MAT 3343 Mathematical Statistics 3
CIS 1144 Computer Science I 4
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 3
Total hours 16

Spring Semester

PHY 3363 Modern Physics 3
PHY 3361 Modern Physics Laboratory 1
SCF 3432 Physics Through the Eyes of Faith 2
BIO 1004 Principles of Biology 4
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 3
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 2-3
Total hours 15-16


Fall Semester

PHY 3323 Optics 3
PHY 3321 Optics Laboratory 1
  Upper-Level Physics Elective 3
MAT 4433 Numerical Methods 3
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 3
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 2-3
Total hours 15-16

Spring Semester

PHY 4413 Electricity & Magnetism Theory 3
PHY 4411 Electricity & Magnetism Laboratory 1
PHY 3464 Analog & Digital Electronics 4
  Upper-Level Physics Elective 3
  Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 2-3
  General Elective or missed Gen-Ed/Grad Elective 3
Total hours 16-17

THIS IS A PROPOSED GUIDELINE. Please check the catalog and see your advisor for your final degree requirements.
Southwest Baptist University reserves the right to make changes to degree plans without advanced notice or obligation.
The student is responsible for understanding and completing all general education, degree, departmental and graduation requirements.

Download in PDF format:

Engineering Physics Even Year Plan (PDF)

Engineering Physics Odd Year Plan (PDF)