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Education Specialist

Education Specialist Degree

Prepare for roles in educational leadership at the district level with SBU's Education Specialist program in Educational Administration, which serves as the basis for recommendation for certification as a district-level administrator. You will be equipped to progress in your career with advanced knowledge, instruction and theory beyond the master's degree level.

Developed in accordance with certification requirements established by the Missouri Board of Education, the Education Specialist in Educational Administration program is approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), in addition to accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission.

Upon successful completion of this program and a state test, you will receive certification as a district-level administrator.

For admission into the Education Specialist program, you must currently hold a master's degree and a valid teaching certificate, and have at least five years of teaching experience.

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The SBU Advantage

  • Learn from faculty who are highly qualified educators with experience as teachers, principals and superintendents. In addition to their roles as faculty members, many also serve on state and national education boards
  • Benefit from an engaging and relevant curriculum with an emphasis on practical application. Learn in our classroom one night and apply it in your classroom the next day
  • Fit classes into your busy schedule through our convenient online and hybrid offerings that are scheduled with the time-constrained demands of the working educator in mind

Faith Integration

SBU's Graduate Education programs have been intentionally designed to model how the Christian faith shapes expertise, practice and experiences in professional educational settings. To assist students in developing as transformative agents in today's schools, our programs provide a foundation to become both scholars and practitioners â€” a synthesis of academic knowledge, practical skills and servant leadership. We desire that our students become true servant leaders who are able to integrate their faith into their practice to make a difference in today's society.

SBU has a strong family culture; strong mission; strong focus; commitment to excellence in teaching and learning; and commitment to a Christian environment.

Dr. Nancy Colbaugh, Associate Professor of Graduate Education
Nancy Colbaugh, Assistant Professor

Specialist in educational administration course rotation

year 1

Fall Semester

EAD 7003 School District Administration 3
EAD 7013 Personnel Administration 3
Total hours 6

Spring Semester

EAD 7023 Advanced School Finance 3
EAD 7033 School Planning and Maintenance 3
Total hours 6


EAD 7043 Research and Statistics 3
Total hours ..................................

Year 2

Fall Semester

EAD 7053 Advanced School Law 3
EAD 7002 Educational Technology 3
EAD 7063 Field Study 3
Total hours 9

Spring Semester

EAD 7072 Internship in Superintendency 2
EAD 7093 Politics in Education 3
EAD 7123 The Superintendency 3
Total hours 8


EAD 7082 Internship in Superintendency 2
EAD 7133 Capstone 3
Total hours ..................................

This is a proposed guideline. Please check the catalog for your final degree requirements and consult with your advisor to develop an official plan of study. Southwest Baptist University reserves the right to make changes to degree plans without advanced notice or obligation. You are responsible for understanding and completing all degree, departmental and graduation requirements.

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Education Specialist Plan