Statement from Mark Rains, Chair, on behalf of the SBU Board of Trustees

Mark Rains, Chair, issued this statement on behalf of the SBU Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees of Southwest Baptist University stands firm in Biblically based truth and grace. In keeping with these immutable values, the Board took the difficult step of censuring and excluding one of our trustees during a special board meeting on Jan. 22. The Board acted as part of our ongoing obligation to hold our members accountable to act in the best interest of the University and Missouri Baptists.

Serving on the Board of Trustees is a serious responsibility, and trustees cannot have divided loyalties. The SBU Board of Trustees Conflict of Interest Policy states, “Any member who has a conflict of interest, actual or perceived, shall be disqualified from service as a trustee.” We felt our trust had been violated by the board member’s actions.

Though sad, our decision was consistent with our duties and responsibilities to both the University and Missouri Baptists. We are all committed to Southwest Baptist University being a Christ-centered, caring academic community and continue to move forward in fulfilling our Biblically informed mission.