SBU honors employees for years of service

BOLIVAR, Mo. — Southwest Baptist University honored employees with employment anniversary milestones, beginning with five years, during the annual employee Christmas banquet Dec. 6. The employees recognized have given a total of 685 years of service to SBU.

“It is a pleasure to recognize and honor individuals who serve at Southwest Baptist University,” said Dr. Eric A. Turner, SBU president. “When I am asked what is special about SBU, I unequivocally state it is our people. We are blessed beyond measure to serve alongside such an outstanding group of faculty and staff – our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is not lost on me.”

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  • 5 Year Service Award Recipients
  • 10 Year Service Award Recipients
  • 15 Year Service Award Recipients
  • 20 Year Service Award Recipients
  • 25 Year Service Award Recipients
  • 30 Year Service Award Recipients
  • 35 Year Service Award Recipients

5 years: (Left to right): Cindy Hall, Susan Plank, Joyce Schmelzle, Marsha Trantham, Charlotte Marsch, Todd Earl, Coyle Neal and Denise Tucker. Not pictured: Nancy Colbaugh, Tammy Condren, Meilani Conley, Melissa Darnell, Karla Goughnour, Kristina Hottes, Charlie Hungerford, Marcus Klund, Paul Putt, Philip Staback, Marty Stockstill, Tim Walton and Richard Worth.

10 years: (l to r): Tracy Miles, Baochuan Lu, Perry Tompkins and Holly Bridge. Not pictured: Scott Brigman, Amber Fleer, Hillary Glauser-Patton, Pam Hedgpeth, Jodi Meadows, Suzanne Powers, Cindy Rhoads.

15 years: (l to r) Robbie Bryant, Allison Langford and Jason Halverson. Not pictured: Shelley Kilpatrick, Carla Kirchner and Maggie Kluthe.

20 years: (l to r) Mike Fuhrman, Dwight Haun and Darren Crowder. Not pictured: Mick Arnold, Melinda Jones, Robert Murders and Todd Sukany.

25 years: (l to r): Craig Endres and Renee Waters. Not pictured: Alan Copeland and Chuck Lentz

30 years: (l to r): Kevin Kelley, Rob Harris and Bing Bayer.

35 years: (l to r) Herb Hamann and Brad Gamble.

* Published: 12-10-18