SBU professor presents at mathematics educators conference

Dr. Bob Glasgow presented at the annual conference of the Missouri Council of Teachers of MathematicsDr. Bob Glasgow, professor of mathematics at Southwest Baptist University, gave two presentations at the annual conference of the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) held Dec. 3-4 in Columbia, Mo. Glasgow also discussed his work as part of the HB 1490 workgroup charged with creating new Missouri Learning Standards for grades 6-12. 

The first presentation was part of a professional development pre-session sponsored by MCTM. Glasgow presented with Ann McCoy of University of Central Missouri and Bethany Johnston of the Knobnoster school district in an all-day workshop for middle school mathematics teachers. The workshop, "Preparing Students to Persevere at Problem Solving,” examined current research about designing mathematical tasks to engage students and develop their mathematical mindset. 

The second presentation, "MAD about M.A.D," overviewed M.A.D. (mean absolute deviation) and investigated ways to immerse students and teachers in these concepts.

Glasgow discussed the new proposed Missouri Learning Standards for grades 6-12 during a question-and-answer session. Last year, Glasgow was nominated to serve on the 16-person workgroup charged to create the new standards, which are currently being reviewed and will be acted on by the Missouri State Board of Education in March 2016.