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SBU honors employees for years of service

Southwest Baptist University honored employees with employment anniversary milestones, beginning with five years, during the annual employee Christmas banquet Dec. 10. The employees recognized have given a total of 710 years of service to SBU.

“It always is a pleasure to recognize and honor individuals who work at Southwest Baptist University,” said Dr. C. Pat Taylor, SBU president. “We are blessed with an outstanding faculty and staff. It is the dedicated people at SBU who make the University successful. No university is any better than its people, and SBU is an outstanding University because of our faculty and staff.”

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SBU honored employees with five years of service to the university


5 years

Front row (l to r): Rebecca Hornbostel, Rebekah Wright, Courtney Toler, Robert Carney, and Joey Elliott. Back row (l to r) Joshua Layman, Everett Hornbostel, Dennis Siegfried, Brian Netherton, David Ginnings, Craig Masters, Stacy Soden, Angela Carr. Not pictured are Emett Conley, Michael Meyer, Rachel Sawyers, Terry Sawyers, and Byron Stevens.



SBU honored employees with 10 years of service to the university


10 years

Front row (l to r): Penny Shaw, Gregory Stewart, Jeffrey Kimball and Dana Steward. Back row (l to r) Kelly Rehm, Joseph Wooderson, Gregory Hill and Zach Manis. Not pictured is Melinda Wedge.




SBU honored employees with 15 years of service to the university



15 years

(l to r) Rodney Reeves, Deanna Robertson, Mary Shawley, Diana Gallamore and Troy Bethards. Not pictured are Brenda Abbott, Steven Lesh, John Martin and Sarah Russback.



SBU honored employees with 20 years of service to the university



20 years 

(l to r) Myra Hargrave, Neal Cross and Florian Toma.




SBU honored employees with 25 years of service to the university



25 years

(l to r) Pearlene Breshears, Robert McGlasson, and Linda Maberry. Not pictured are Ronda Credille and Melvin Steele.




SBU honored employees with 30 years of service to the university



30 years

Timothy DeClue




SBU honored employees with 35 years of service to the university



35 years

(l to r) William Brown, David Bolton, Coleen Rose and Stella Cunningham.



SBU honored employees with 40 years of service to the university



40 years

Dwight Wooderson