Committee of trustees conducts appeal hearing

Pursuant to the appeal process as outlined in Southwest Baptist University’s Faculty Handbook, the Educational Policies and Personnel Committee of the SBU Board of Trustees met Dec. 21. The committee conducted an approximately five-hour appeal hearing with an employee.

The employee was given the opportunity to address the committee and provide information the employee deemed relevant to the notice as to his conduct. Having received evidence from both the employee and the University, the committee has taken the matter under advisement and will issue findings of facts after the first of the year.

The employee requested an appeal after being provided a Notice of Dismissal that outlined personal behavior concerning conduct violations of SBU’s Faculty Handbook.

An expectation exists that those interested will have the wisdom to respect the process and not to pre-judge nor reach conclusions without all the facts and information. Please continue to pray and recognize the extreme hardship on every person who is directly or indirectly involved in this process.

(Posted 12-22-18)