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SBU releases Spring 2023 honor roll lists


Congratulations Honor Roll Students

SBU announces the students named to the university’s honor rolls, a distinction given to those who achieve the institution’s highest academic standards.

For the spring 2023 semester, 306 students were named to the Trustee's List, 115 students were named to the President’s Honor Roll, 104 students were named to the Dean's List, and 205 students were named to the Honor’s list.

To be listed on the University’s honor roll, students must carry at least 12 hours of college work at Southwest Baptist University and earn at least a B (3.00 GPA), with no grade below C: Trustees’ List, 3.85-4.00; President's List, 3.70-3.84; Deans’ List, 3.50-3.69; and Honor's List, 3.00-3.50.

Full Name City State Honor Roll
Juan Masulli AsunciÛn   Trustees' List
Elsa Pascual Canet En Roussillon   Trustees' List
Isaiah Sebastian Regina   Trustees' List
Polina Paunova Rostov-On-Don   Trustees' List
Titouan Fraslin St Martin de RÈ   Trustees' List
Makary Adamek Wroclaw   Trustees' List
Cody Tosh Batesville AR Trustees' List
Abigail Griffin Bentonville AR Trustees' List
Abby Preston Prairie Grove AR Trustees' List
Rebekah Rodgers Siloam Springs AR Trustees' List
Taylor Brown Springdale AR Trustees' List
Brannon Weatherby Yuma AZ Trustees' List
Jackson Hesseltine Palm Desert CA Trustees' List
Grace Cram Simi Valley CA Trustees' List
Stacy Pitt Cascade CO Trustees' List
Paityn Kramer Cape Coral FL Trustees' List
Katherine Failor Stone Mtn GA Trustees' List
Kallyn Stumbo W Des Moines IA Trustees' List
Hunter Gammon Boise ID Trustees' List
Noah Franklin Cobden IL Trustees' List
Matthew McGlaughlin East Moline IL Trustees' List
Jeffrey Dunn Edwardsville IL Trustees' List
Hope Shumake Edwardsville IL Trustees' List
Gemma Moore Carbondale KS Trustees' List
Tatum Bell Kansas City KS Trustees' List
Bethany Cahill Lansing KS Trustees' List
Bailey Bassham Olathe KS Trustees' List
Katelynn Linscott Olathe KS Trustees' List
Drew Ross Olathe KS Trustees' List
Isabel Schelhammer Overland Park KS Trustees' List
Josiah Thiele Overland Park KS Trustees' List
Alex DeHaven Park City KS Trustees' List
Maryssa Zink Shawnee KS Trustees' List
Bianca Oliver Bossier City LA Trustees' List
Lucas Brown Minden LA Trustees' List
John Keeter Novi MI Trustees' List
Heather Baker Aldrich MO Trustees' List
Phillip Starnes Annapolis MO Trustees' List
Madeline Harwell Arnold MO Trustees' List
Kylie Martinez Aurora MO Trustees' List
Chloe Ryan Aurora MO Trustees' List
Olivia Heriford Ava MO Trustees' List
Zackery Miller Ava MO Trustees' List
Tyler Bellmyer Bates City MO Trustees' List
Keiton Johnson Bates City MO Trustees' List
Kaitlynn Thornton Belton MO Trustees' List
Skylar Metscher Billings MO Trustees' List
Heather Keeton Birch Tree MO Trustees' List
David Ledgerwood Birch Tree MO Trustees' List
Cael Baier Blue Springs MO Trustees' List
Samantha Baldus Blue Springs MO Trustees' List
Amy Jackman Blue Springs MO Trustees' List
Tessa Valdivia Blue Springs MO Trustees' List
Elias Ait Bouali Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Sarah Backer Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Tumekie Blackwood Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Madison Bollin Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Hannah Burchett Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Joshua Burnham Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Amanda Carter Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Mark Carter Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Kyler Charchun Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Emily Christian Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Logan Claborn Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Kennedi Easum Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Brett Gimpel Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Blake Gordon Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Rylie Hardin Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Sarah Johnson Bates Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Taylor Jones Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Raegan Kelly Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Betty Liu Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Rebecca Liu Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Kaila Lloyd Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Gabriel Long Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Isabelle Lutgen Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Zayne McElroy Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Absity McGinnis Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Canaan Mullins Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Naomi Neumann Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Claudia Nichols Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Joel Nicholson Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Josue Palacios Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Paige Reynolds Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Elizabeth Robertson Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Emily Sokolik Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Jacob Supancic Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Tyler Zustiak Bolivar MO Trustees' List
Joseph Samples Bonne Terre MO Trustees' List
Ashton Bethards Bonnots Mill MO Trustees' List
Elleanor Lahmann Bourbon MO Trustees' List
Zane Hull Brighton MO Trustees' List
Nathan Palmer Brookfield MO Trustees' List
Victoriah Knarr Bucyrus MO Trustees' List
Sydney Abercrombie Buffalo MO Trustees' List
Tylor Brashear Buffalo MO Trustees' List
Kayla Coltrin Buffalo MO Trustees' List
Julia Horinek Buffalo MO Trustees' List
Cheyenne Davis Bunker MO Trustees' List
Caden Kirksey California MO Trustees' List
Emilee Gorrell Canton MO Trustees' List
Sydney Smith Carl Junction MO Trustees' List
Natalie Johnson Cassville MO Trustees' List
Deacon Mitchell Clarksville MO Trustees' List
Chaya Mauk Cleveland MO Trustees' List
Brianna Willet Clever MO Trustees' List
Addison Batschelett Clinton MO Trustees' List
Hailey Coleman Clinton MO Trustees' List
Makenzie Hensley Clinton MO Trustees' List
MacKenzie Russell Clinton MO Trustees' List
Lydia Williams Cole Camp MO Trustees' List
Margo Frossard Columbia MO Trustees' List
Adam Mills Crystal City MO Trustees' List
Alicia Wallace Dixon MO Trustees' List
Eric Wallace Dixon MO Trustees' List
Annmarie Heffernan Dunnegan MO Trustees' List
Brayden Housh El Dorado Springs MO Trustees' List
Abigail Kincaid El Dorado Springs MO Trustees' List
Brice Knoll El Dorado Springs MO Trustees' List
Emelia Miller Eldon MO Trustees' List
Kelsey Wallis Eldon MO Trustees' List
Tanner Lumley Elkland MO Trustees' List
Emma Bates Eminence MO Trustees' List
James Stephens Eminence MO Trustees' List
Jacob Buckner Fair Grove MO Trustees' List
Abbey Summa Fair Grove MO Trustees' List
Peter Welter Fair Play MO Trustees' List
Dorian Woodson Farmington MO Trustees' List
Jeyda Aka Fenton MO Trustees' List
Cheney Ervin Festus MO Trustees' List
Nicholas Pruett Festus MO Trustees' List
Grace Revelle Festus MO Trustees' List
Abigail Verts Florence MO Trustees' List
Rebekah Abker Forsyth MO Trustees' List
Selah Norman Freeman MO Trustees' List
Madalyn Henley Fulton MO Trustees' List
Keegan Kirkpatrick Grain Valley MO Trustees' List
Jessica Selaya Grain Valley MO Trustees' List
Madeleine Gillman Harrisburg MO Trustees' List
Jayden Osborn Harrisonville MO Trustees' List
Madeline Henry Hartsburg MO Trustees' List
Allison Meglan Hartville MO Trustees' List
Heather Mote Iberia MO Trustees' List
Kaylie Slawson Iberia MO Trustees' List
Jessica Jones Independence MO Trustees' List
Jaida Kettner Jefferson City MO Trustees' List
Courtney Shaw Jefferson City MO Trustees' List
Gabrielle Yung Jefferson City MO Trustees' List
Braeden Bakos Joplin MO Trustees' List
Rebekah Laws Joplin MO Trustees' List
Madisyn Best Kansas City MO Trustees' List
Rachel Francis Kansas City MO Trustees' List
Kristalyn Noble Kansas City MO Trustees' List
Hannah Bowe Laredo MO Trustees' List
Bryson Crowell Lebanon MO Trustees' List
Danielle Martin Lebanon MO Trustees' List
Abigail Richards Lebanon MO Trustees' List
Zoie Rowe Lebanon MO Trustees' List
Julia Johnson Lee's Summit MO Trustees' List
Daniel Parrish Lees Summit MO Trustees' List
Nathan Wetzel Liberty MO Trustees' List
Hannah Barker Licking MO Trustees' List
John Sommerer Lohman MO Trustees' List
Josey Murphy Long Lane MO Trustees' List
Rileigh Clemons Marshfield MO Trustees' List
Jadon Wipf Marshfield MO Trustees' List
Gavin Duchscherer Morrisville MO Trustees' List
Jenna Miller Morrisville MO Trustees' List
Brenna Allen Moundville MO Trustees' List
Lisa Noble Mountain View MO Trustees' List
Kristy Miran Mtn View MO Trustees' List
Jodi Montague Mtn View MO Trustees' List
John Daugherty Nevada MO Trustees' List
Bailey Pierce Newburg MO Trustees' List
Stephen Taylor Niangua MO Trustees' List
Mya Bartels Nixa MO Trustees' List
Jack Campbell Nixa MO Trustees' List
Abigail Harrison Nixa MO Trustees' List
Madison Satterly Nixa MO Trustees' List
Emma Vincent Nixa MO Trustees' List
Izabella Anderson Norborne MO Trustees' List
Josie Simpson Oak Grove MO Trustees' List
Katelyn Dickey Odessa MO Trustees' List
Samantha Dillon Odessa MO Trustees' List
Olivia Munsterman Odessa MO Trustees' List
Blake Dove Ozark MO Trustees' List
Bailey Julian Ozark MO Trustees' List
Elizabeth Kitchin Ozark MO Trustees' List
Ella Metcalf Ozark MO Trustees' List
Hannah Reed Ozark MO Trustees' List
Maegan Surface Ozark MO Trustees' List
Haley Thomas Ozark MO Trustees' List
Alison Wall Ozark MO Trustees' List
Joshua Norton Pleasant Hope MO Trustees' List
Autumn Orbin Pleasant Hope MO Trustees' List
Mattie Ackels Polk MO Trustees' List
Jenna Roberts Polk MO Trustees' List
Kristina Borskey Pomona MO Trustees' List
Calli Barker Poplar Bluff MO Trustees' List
Kellen Hendrix Powersite MO Trustees' List
Garret Knight Purdy MO Trustees' List
Brady Brown Republic MO Trustees' List
Lauren Burton Republic MO Trustees' List
Loni Waters Republic MO Trustees' List
Rebekah Yarick Rich Hill MO Trustees' List
Paige Leithead Rogersville MO Trustees' List
Taylor Williams Rogersville MO Trustees' List
Melissa Griffith Rolla MO Trustees' List
Loran Pritchett Rolla MO Trustees' List
Joseph Schroer Russellville MO Trustees' List
Julia Becker Saint Charles MO Trustees' List
Jacqueline Gurley Saint Charles MO Trustees' List
Brandon Martin Saint Joseph MO Trustees' List
Lauren Bell Saint Louis MO Trustees' List
Alexandra Lanzafame Saint Louis MO Trustees' List
Matthew Rouse Saint Louis MO Trustees' List
Nathaniel Stelken Saint Louis MO Trustees' List
Kendal Weiskopf Saint Louis MO Trustees' List
Lukas Burzynski Saint Peters MO Trustees' List
Zikia Woods Saint Robert MO Trustees' List
Victoria Benson Salem MO Trustees' List
Kathryn Brand Salem MO Trustees' List
Sheona Brand Salem MO Trustees' List
David Christofferson Salem MO Trustees' List
Jodie Dean Salem MO Trustees' List
Christopher McSwain Salem MO Trustees' List
Elizabeth Norfolk Salem MO Trustees' List
Ashley Schulke Salem MO Trustees' List
Ashlee Terrill Salem MO Trustees' List
Olivia Littleton Smithville MO Trustees' List
Alexis Alvarado Springfield MO Trustees' List
Kary Arevalo Springfield MO Trustees' List
Alexis Barber Springfield MO Trustees' List
Brocklyn Barber Springfield MO Trustees' List
Jemeica Mae Beguliev Springfield MO Trustees' List
Morgan Black Springfield MO Trustees' List
Leah Bultmann Springfield MO Trustees' List
Emma Dooley Springfield MO Trustees' List
Connor Dougherty Springfield MO Trustees' List
Andrew Eisenhour Springfield MO Trustees' List
Landree Garrison Springfield MO Trustees' List
Savannah Garrison Springfield MO Trustees' List
Adam Heironimus Springfield MO Trustees' List
Austin High Springfield MO Trustees' List
Danielle Hooker Springfield MO Trustees' List
Makiya Jameson Springfield MO Trustees' List
Joslynne Jensen Springfield MO Trustees' List
Rebecca Jones Springfield MO Trustees' List
Ciara Killingsworth Springfield MO Trustees' List
Eun Lee Springfield MO Trustees' List
Alexandra Lilly-Havice Springfield MO Trustees' List
Lindsey Losey Springfield MO Trustees' List
Hayley Mallick Springfield MO Trustees' List
Alexis Morrison Springfield MO Trustees' List
Lauren Page Springfield MO Trustees' List
Addison Palmer Springfield MO Trustees' List
Grace Percival Springfield MO Trustees' List
Ava Powell Springfield MO Trustees' List
Kaitlyn Ragsdale Springfield MO Trustees' List
Leann Rungsiriratanachai Springfield MO Trustees' List
Jordyn Rust Springfield MO Trustees' List
Dawson Sozio Springfield MO Trustees' List
Ashlynn Boyd St Charles MO Trustees' List
Jenna Atchley St. Charles MO Trustees' List
Kyle Collinson Steelville MO Trustees' List
Angela Anderson Stockton MO Trustees' List
Tyler Johnson Stockton MO Trustees' List
Alissa Collette Strafford MO Trustees' List
Ava Cuneio Sullivan MO Trustees' List
Reagan Thomure Sullivan MO Trustees' List
Gracie Chilton Van Buren MO Trustees' List
Taylor Burns Walnut Grove MO Trustees' List
Benjamin Hines Walnut Grove MO Trustees' List
Jennica Daggett Weaubleau MO Trustees' List
Olivia Miller Weaubleau MO Trustees' List
Aaron Allchin West Plains MO Trustees' List
Emma Bise West Plains MO Trustees' List
Zoe Cook West Plains MO Trustees' List
Megan Dobbs West Plains MO Trustees' List
Micah Mattsfield West Plains MO Trustees' List
Miriam Mattsfield West Plains MO Trustees' List
Mary Trantham West Plains MO Trustees' List
Dean Hagenhoff Westphalia MO Trustees' List
Valory Dampier Wheatland MO Trustees' List
Gabrielle Ginnings Wheatland MO Trustees' List
Zoey Taylor Wheatland MO Trustees' List
Sarah Kiesewetter Willard MO Trustees' List
Britny Dickman Willow Springs MO Trustees' List
Julie Olsen Willow Springs MO Trustees' List
Kelli Cahill Miles City MT Trustees' List
Cassie Katen Dunbar NE Trustees' List
Noah Sass Hastings NE Trustees' List
Jolie Pendeza Spring Valley OH Trustees' List
Janelle Arnold Bartlesville OK Trustees' List
Ashlynn Edison Broken Arrow OK Trustees' List
Mercy Dement Edmond OK Trustees' List
Hanna Glasgow Grove OK Trustees' List
Megan Greer Jenks OK Trustees' List
Riley Walker Owasso OK Trustees' List
Careena Campbell Tulsa OK Trustees' List
Brooklyn Duncan Westville OK Trustees' List
Katelyn Brittell Spring Grove PA Trustees' List
Leslie Fox Bells TN Trustees' List
Adah Vogel Cedar Hill TX Trustees' List
Nathan Iliuc Mercer Island WA Trustees' List
Azalea Clendenning Wisconsin Rapids WI Trustees' List
Full Name City State Honor Roll
Giselle Garcia Hurtado     President's List
Stephanique Dean Freeport   President's List
Alvaro Nunez Serrano Jerez de la Frontera   President's List
Lola Cincunegui Tortuguitas Buenos Aires   President's List
Madison Weaver Bella Vista AR President's List
Jade Anderson Bull Shoals AR President's List
Colby Shastid Centerton AR President's List
Regan Resz Fayetteville AR President's List
Madison Wasylewski Harrison AR President's List
Bryant Burns Ozark AR President's List
Alyssa Reed Prairie Grove AR President's List
Calvin Willis Chino Hills CA President's List
David Nash Bloomfield IA President's List
Ryan Loeffler Belleville IL President's List
Lauren Berry Mount Vernon IL President's List
Katie Pogue Evansville IN President's List
Jacob Schrock Baldwin City KS President's List
Deborah Heckard Fort Scott KS President's List
Allyson Lieber Bowling Green KY President's List
Savannah Mount Appleton City MO President's List
Todd Gibbs Ballwin MO President's List
Madison Geren Blue Springs MO President's List
Samuel Stickney Blue Springs MO President's List
Jared Bates Bolivar MO President's List
Mason Bollin Bolivar MO President's List
Peter Bowling Bolivar MO President's List
Kristen Bownds Bolivar MO President's List
Kalen Bradley Bolivar MO President's List
Rayna Cochran Bolivar MO President's List
Lily Crowder Bolivar MO President's List
Jesse Gann Bolivar MO President's List
Parker Love Bolivar MO President's List
LetÌcia Luiz Bolivar MO President's List
Angelique McGinnis Bolivar MO President's List
Deborah Nicholson Bolivar MO President's List
Nicholas Saffels Bolivar MO President's List
Mariah Shelenhamer Bolivar MO President's List
Caleb Welch Bolivar MO President's List
Lucas Yohn Bolivar MO President's List
Brianna Cuthbertson Branson MO President's List
Alexis Osenga Branson MO President's List
Katelynn Reed Buffalo MO President's List
Brian Lanham Bunker MO President's List
Rachel Hutson Cabool MO President's List
Bailey Moore Cabool MO President's List
Karlee Kinder Carthage MO President's List
Meagan Biggs Clinton MO President's List
Kayla Henry Cowgill MO President's List
John Blair Elk Creek MO President's List
Maxston McKinney Farmington MO President's List
Kara Hauser Fenton MO President's List
Katie Chapman Halfway MO President's List
Ethan Grubaugh Hollister MO President's List
Ambyr King Jadwin MO President's List
Sarah Nibarger Kimberling City MO President's List
Joseph Kremp Lamar MO President's List
Kara Morey Lamar MO President's List
Riley Arnold Lampe MO President's List
Timothy Gaskins Lathrop MO President's List
Kori Cromer Marshfield MO President's List
Jenna Cantrell Mountain Grove MO President's List
Taylor Glass Mtn View MO President's List
Cherish Gordon Mtn View MO President's List
Makayla Thornton Mtn View MO President's List
Zoe Miller New London MO President's List
Lily Simmons Nixa MO President's List
Grace Rimel Odessa MO President's List
Tanner Harlow Ofallon MO President's List
BreAnne Hamby Ozark MO President's List
Emma Shores Ozark MO President's List
Colby Sneed Parkville MO President's List
Madelyn McGrady Pittsburg MO President's List
Kara Andersen Pleasant Hill MO President's List
Sofia Kerby Pleasant Hill MO President's List
Alejandra Ramirez Purdy MO President's List
Patricia Stigall Raymondville MO President's List
Jennifer Burris Raymore MO President's List
Katlynn McConville Raymore MO President's List
Charles Phillips Raymore MO President's List
Deborah Yarick Rich Hill MO President's List
Danielle Foster Rogersville MO President's List
Abigail Jacobi Saint Louis MO President's List
Benjamin Stelken Saint Louis MO President's List
Abigail Youngblood Saint Louis MO President's List
Tara Glenn Salem MO President's List
Emily Nash Salem MO President's List
David Roy Salem MO President's List
Meead Alharbi Springfield MO President's List
Amanda Brawley Springfield MO President's List
Josiah Jones Springfield MO President's List
Abigail Newborn Springfield MO President's List
Chinyere Onwukwe Springfield MO President's List
Tiffany Phillips Springfield MO President's List
Lucy Tartamella Springfield MO President's List
Tyler Collinson Steelville MO President's List
Emily Burton Stockton MO President's List
Carly Brock Strafford MO President's List
Ayden Stone Thayer MO President's List
Andrew Masters Villa Ridge MO President's List
Clayton Young Villa Ridge MO President's List
Nathan Cooper W Plains MO President's List
Olivia Burson Warrensburg MO President's List
Dylan Fellers Weaubleau MO President's List
Eli Cook West Plains MO President's List
Colby Sanders West Plains MO President's List
Pamela Riley Willow Springs MO President's List
Ashley Smith Willow Springs MO President's List
Mikaela King Troy TN President's List
Avary Davis Arlington TX President's List
Rebekah Raub Celina TX President's List
Cassandra Rushing Denton TX President's List
Shalie Wooden Ft Worth TX President's List
Melanie McQueen Harker Hts TX President's List
Deryan Simpson Rockwall TX President's List
Carl Moman Burke VA President's List
Full Name City State Honor Roll
Ghada Dirninger     Deans' List
Callum Bisset Arbroath   Deans' List
Milena Fromming Candel·ria   Deans' List
Giovanni Cascone Pompei   Deans' List
Logan Turner Bentonville AR Deans' List
Bailey Johnson Pea Ridge AR Deans' List
Avery Lambert Scottsdale AZ Deans' List
Sydney McNeill Corona CA Deans' List
Janel Pido Fontana CA Deans' List
Bayley Crawford Montverde FL Deans' List
Clayton Lind Carter Lake IA Deans' List
Kristin Edmonds Cobden IL Deans' List
Melvin Mulholland Sparta IL Deans' List
Kendall Moore Wood River IL Deans' List
Sydni Keagle Louisburg KS Deans' List
Khylee Massey Lyndon KS Deans' List
Caroline Cecil Manhattan KS Deans' List
Bethany Hamilton Douglas MA Deans' List
Paige Kinsey Belton MO Deans' List
Braden Spurling Bethany MO Deans' List
Marian Chaney Birch Tree MO Deans' List
Ashley Stark Birch Tree MO Deans' List
Samantha Voyles Birch Tree MO Deans' List
Ethan Backer Bolivar MO Deans' List
Jedidiah Brandon Bolivar MO Deans' List
Charles Bunner Bolivar MO Deans' List
Bo Davis Bolivar MO Deans' List
Madelynn Edge Bolivar MO Deans' List
Aleksandr Glushkov Bolivar MO Deans' List
Alexa Good Bolivar MO Deans' List
Justice Hinsley Bolivar MO Deans' List
Kaden Katzer Bolivar MO Deans' List
Abigayle Knight Bolivar MO Deans' List
Cole Knight Bolivar MO Deans' List
Jacob Limberg Bolivar MO Deans' List
Xavier O'Garro Bolivar MO Deans' List
Ethan Sliger Bolivar MO Deans' List
Emery Smashey Bolivar MO Deans' List
Alyssa Tennyson Bolivar MO Deans' List
Emmalea Keen Bonne Terre MO Deans' List
Contessa Mae Braatz Branson MO Deans' List
Jordan Kalesnick Crocker MO Deans' List
Peyton Newman El Dorado Springs MO Deans' List
Zoe Riggs Foristell MO Deans' List
Isabell Heller Grandview MO Deans' List
Emma England Harrisonville MO Deans' List
Amber McBride Jerico Springs MO Deans' List
Laura Anderson Joplin MO Deans' List
Kasydie Shipp Kansas City MO Deans' List
Abigail Pride Kissee Mills MO Deans' List
Emma Taylor Lebanon MO Deans' List
Gracie Beal Liberty MO Deans' List
Emma Perry Liberty MO Deans' List
Joshua Gerdiman Linn Creek MO Deans' List
Haylee Bax Lohman MO Deans' List
Alicia McAtee Marshfield MO Deans' List
Regena Radford Mtn View MO Deans' List
Haley Brumley Nixa MO Deans' List
Tyler Moose Nixa MO Deans' List
Myah Snider Nixa MO Deans' List
Spencer Witherspoon Nixa MO Deans' List
Payson Burks Odessa MO Deans' List
Troy Davidson Ozark MO Deans' List
Shayla Howard Pleasant Hope MO Deans' List
Dayton Williams Pleasant Hope MO Deans' List
Paige Bradley Poplar Bluff MO Deans' List
Devon McMillin Republic MO Deans' List
Ryleigh Tucker Republic MO Deans' List
Matthew Ballard Rolla MO Deans' List
David Riefer Rolla MO Deans' List
Sophia Lanzafame Saint Louis MO Deans' List
Alexis Black Salem MO Deans' List
Sarah Sullins Salem MO Deans' List
Landon Pullam Scott City MO Deans' List
Meliza Knapp Sedalia MO Deans' List
Ashley Brawner Springfield MO Deans' List
Alex Crawford Springfield MO Deans' List
Paige Jackson Springfield MO Deans' List
Nathan MacLaughlin Springfield MO Deans' List
Jaden Rockwell Springfield MO Deans' List
Taylor Samsoe Springfield MO Deans' List
Kaleb Thompson Springfield MO Deans' List
Bethany McCarley Strafford MO Deans' List
Nautica Smith Udall MO Deans' List
Katelyn McMillen Walnut Grove MO Deans' List
Chloe Reese Warsaw MO Deans' List
Rachel Courtois Waynesville MO Deans' List
Lucas Middleton Wellington MO Deans' List
Brittany Dickey Wentzville MO Deans' List
Ella Ryan West Plains MO Deans' List
Gunnar Taylor Wheatland MO Deans' List
Kloie Cook Willard MO Deans' List
Ashley Lasher Willard MO Deans' List
Kylie Ennis Willow Springs MO Deans' List
Erin Campbell Wyatt MO Deans' List
Khalil Vazquez Torres Worthington OH Deans' List
Damien Williams Lawton OK Deans' List
Alyssa Williams Moore OK Deans' List
Claudia Vanzant Stillwater OK Deans' List
Abby Cressler Franklin TN Deans' List
Robert McKoy Forney TX Deans' List
Julius Tabe Houston TX Deans' List
Gabriel Walls Mckinney TX Deans' List
Giani Bell San Antonio TX Deans' List
Full Name City State Honor Roll
Deacon Long Antananarivo   Honor's List
Fabian Neff Birstein   Honor's List
Ebony Thompson Burlington, Ontario   Honor's List
Paula Ballesteros Chica Jerez de la Frontera   Honor's List
Ilyes Khelifi Le Thillay   Honor's List
Victor Gutierrez Murcia   Honor's List
Cade Nickel Bentonville AR Honor's List
Ashlynn Robinson Rogers AR Honor's List
Kellen Curtis Mesa AZ Honor's List
Preston Conti Coarsegold CA Honor's List
Keighley Shoop Colorado Springs CO Honor's List
Madison Gandy Peyton CO Honor's List
Christian Carratala Hialeah FL Honor's List
Cody Bray Bogart GA Honor's List
Eli Smock Bethalto IL Honor's List
Jerry Abushanab Glendale Hts IL Honor's List
Brock Wilken Lake in the Hills IL Honor's List
Carlee Lill Clearwater KS Honor's List
Dylan Coleman Eudora KS Honor's List
Branden Eckles Olathe KS Honor's List
Jayde Williams Overland Park KS Honor's List
Delaney Webber Parker KS Honor's List
Sarah Hamilton Douglas MA Honor's List
Vince Akins Ellicott City MD Honor's List
Kasandra Wildfong Mancelona MI Honor's List
Stephanie Jolly Aldrich MO Honor's List
Faithlynn Jung Aurora MO Honor's List
Andrea Yount Bakersfield MO Honor's List
Ava Deutschmann Ballwin MO Honor's List
Calah Anderson Billings MO Honor's List
Tesla McGivney Birch Tree MO Honor's List
Jonathan Cunningham Blue Springs MO Honor's List
Joseph Brown Bolivar MO Honor's List
Kaitlin Burgess Bolivar MO Honor's List
Marcus Falcomata Bolivar MO Honor's List
Emily Gentile Bolivar MO Honor's List
Kennedy Griffin Bolivar MO Honor's List
Hayley Hershenson Bolivar MO Honor's List
Rhachyl Karrick Bolivar MO Honor's List
Ryan Kennedy Bolivar MO Honor's List
Meagan Moore Bolivar MO Honor's List
Jesaiah Phipps Bolivar MO Honor's List
Titus Ray Bolivar MO Honor's List
Megan Roberts Bolivar MO Honor's List
Jacob Roderick Bolivar MO Honor's List
Abigail Rogers Bolivar MO Honor's List
Corey Siegfried Bolivar MO Honor's List
Cale Thiessen Bolivar MO Honor's List
Sadie Van Bebber Bolivar MO Honor's List
Cody Wilkinson Bowling Green MO Honor's List
Kaitlynn Millenbine Branson MO Honor's List
Sophia Martin Bridgeton MO Honor's List
Shelby Vaughn Brighton MO Honor's List
Katelynn Holcomb Brookline MO Honor's List
Kaylee Deckard Buffalo MO Honor's List
Honnalee Hunt Buffalo MO Honor's List
Bryce Menhennet California MO Honor's List
Eliana Schiley Camdenton MO Honor's List
Brett Henry Cameron MO Honor's List
Lucy Martin Carthage MO Honor's List
Emma Hurtgen Chillicothe MO Honor's List
Kate Ricketts Clever MO Honor's List
Bray Ferrin Clinton MO Honor's List
Joshua Freeman Columbia MO Honor's List
Allison Weaver Columbia MO Honor's List
Jacob Henry Cowgill MO Honor's List
Madison Hicks Crane MO Honor's List
Abby Pope De Soto MO Honor's List
Caleb Smith De Soto MO Honor's List
Jacob Klein Dexter MO Honor's List
Madison Bentley Diamond MO Honor's List
Abram Weider Dixon MO Honor's List
Brady Bauder Dunnegan MO Honor's List
Talon Pellegrin El Dorado Springs MO Honor's List
Morianna Ebert Eldon MO Honor's List
Harleigh Potucek Eldon MO Honor's List
Elijah Daugherty Fair Grove MO Honor's List
Nehley Ervin Festus MO Honor's List
Whitman Quillin Forsyth MO Honor's List
Canyon Milligan Fulton MO Honor's List
Meadow Vassar Harrisonville MO Honor's List
Caleb Long Hartville MO Honor's List
Emily Young Hollister MO Honor's List
Samantha Short Imperial MO Honor's List
Sean Mayer Jefferson City MO Honor's List
Bianca McBride Jerico Springs MO Honor's List
Madigan May Kansas City MO Honor's List
Jacob Minder Kansas City MO Honor's List
Katie Black Kearney MO Honor's List
Delaney Sawyer La Plata MO Honor's List
Daniel Gaskins Lathrop MO Honor's List
Quinton Wolfe Lathrop MO Honor's List
Race Cottongim Lebanon MO Honor's List
Candace Lewis Lebanon MO Honor's List
Elizabeth Neasby Lebanon MO Honor's List
Kaylee Zebel Lebanon MO Honor's List
Rylee Lunn Lees Summit MO Honor's List
Matthew Travis Lexington MO Honor's List
Kelsi Hunter Mansfield MO Honor's List
Megan McWilliams Marionville MO Honor's List
Mattie Wright Marionville MO Honor's List
Loger Rodriguez Monett MO Honor's List
Zachary Jones Mount Vernon MO Honor's List
Dametria Reese Mountain View MO Honor's List
Jesse Baldwin Mtn View MO Honor's List
Landon Faulkner Mtn View MO Honor's List
Erica Leavitt Mtn View MO Honor's List
Shelby Ledbetter Mtn View MO Honor's List
Miranda Olson Mtn View MO Honor's List
Chiana Farris New Bloomfield MO Honor's List
Kaitlin Nelson New Florence MO Honor's List
Mikala Brune New Haven MO Honor's List
Mareena Bogun Nixa MO Honor's List
Preston Brown Nixa MO Honor's List
Zoie Myers Nixa MO Honor's List
Collin Sutton Old Monroe MO Honor's List
Julianna Watkins Owensville MO Honor's List
Jacob Beets Ozark MO Honor's List
Noah Heinmiller Ozark MO Honor's List
Amanda Knopes Ozark MO Honor's List
Ciara Woosley Ozark MO Honor's List
Victoria Hamilton Paris MO Honor's List
Elise Melchior Perryville MO Honor's List
Trevor Ochs Perryville MO Honor's List
Haley Williams Phillipsburg MO Honor's List
Grace Fisher Pittsburg MO Honor's List
Emma Kirklin Polk MO Honor's List
Christina Harrell Pottersville MO Honor's List
Zoe Brown Republic MO Honor's List
Stacey Collier Republic MO Honor's List
Landen Finley Republic MO Honor's List
Zachary Martin Republic MO Honor's List
Andrew McMillin Republic MO Honor's List
Brianna Griffith Rogersville MO Honor's List
Trevor Talley Rogersville MO Honor's List
Amber Miller Rolla MO Honor's List
Ciera Hamilton Saint James MO Honor's List
Morgan Swyers Saint James MO Honor's List
Ashley Dykema Saint Louis MO Honor's List
Michael Gee Salem MO Honor's List
Bayley Lewis Salem MO Honor's List
Christine Smith Salem MO Honor's List
Ellie Pruett Seymour MO Honor's List
Steven Wright Seymour MO Honor's List
Jordan Abercrombie Springfield MO Honor's List
Robin Baker Springfield MO Honor's List
Madysen Barber Springfield MO Honor's List
Carlee Brown Springfield MO Honor's List
Savannah Evers Springfield MO Honor's List
Celia Gamwell Springfield MO Honor's List
Shyanne Harkins Springfield MO Honor's List
Marla Harrison Springfield MO Honor's List
Rachelle Hasapes Springfield MO Honor's List
Cooper Hayes Springfield MO Honor's List
Lauren Madison Springfield MO Honor's List
Simeon Martin Springfield MO Honor's List
Wynter Martin-Hicks Springfield MO Honor's List
Edith Rampe Springfield MO Honor's List
Adriana Ruffin Springfield MO Honor's List
Kathleen Smith Springfield MO Honor's List
Mason Tibben Springfield MO Honor's List
Abigail Towns Springfield MO Honor's List
Ileana Waldron Springfield MO Honor's List
Madison Wilbers Springfield MO Honor's List
Baily Williams Springfield MO Honor's List
Jesse Collinson Steelville MO Honor's List
Jewel Conaway Steelville MO Honor's List
Lydia Sexton Steelville MO Honor's List
Michaela Tunnell Stockton MO Honor's List
Kamry Choate Strafford MO Honor's List
Sarah Dutton Thayer MO Honor's List
Samantha Roberts Walnut Grove MO Honor's List
Jacob Middleton Wellington MO Honor's List
Lydia Strasser Wentzville MO Honor's List
Zachary Wallgren Wentzville MO Honor's List
Hannah Collins West Plains MO Honor's List
Andrew Kammerer West Plains MO Honor's List
James Burnett Wheatland MO Honor's List
Rickie Mills Willard MO Honor's List
Elijah Immel Wooldridge MO Honor's List
Sara Campbell Wyatt MO Honor's List
Bailey Raines Minot AFB ND Honor's List
Tremayne Mungin Omaha NE Honor's List
Dominic Tellez Las Cruces NM Honor's List
Paike McNiel Bristow OK Honor's List
Sloan Roller Claremore OK Honor's List
Carson Riney Edmond OK Honor's List
Levi Schrader Edmond OK Honor's List
Olivia Barr Fairland OK Honor's List
Levi Korir Glenpool OK Honor's List
Annabelle Bean Oklahoma City OK Honor's List
Chloee Sams Owasso OK Honor's List
Jake Packard Arlington TX Honor's List
Alyssa Villavicencio Burleson TX Honor's List
William Bressi Fort Worth TX Honor's List
Apshara Magar Fort Worth TX Honor's List
Emily Hall Ft Worth TX Honor's List
Teagan Brouwer Houston TX Honor's List
Ricky Crawford Houston TX Honor's List
Bailey Lasater Lubbock TX Honor's List
Ezekiel Skinner Murphy TX Honor's List
Cody Brackeen Springtown TX Honor's List
Katrena Ryan Springtown TX Honor's List
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