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SBU CIS seniors present projects for 2021-22

Seven projects demonstrate servant leadership focus

BOLIVAR, Mo. – Southwest Baptist University’s Division of Computing and Mathematics recently had 28 computing seniors work on and present seven projects sponsored by several leading companies and organizations, including the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

Federal Reserve Bank senior project members“We are very proud of our seniors this year,” said Dr. Amos Gichamba, the Division Head of Computing and Mathematics. “They have had to complete their projects as different organizations grapple with the impact of COVID-19. We are thankful for our sponsors, who worked with our seniors to support the delivery of high-quality projects.” 

Senior projects are an annual event for students majoring in computer science, computer information science, cybersecurity or web systems and design. Over the course of their senior year, students in the computing area work on cross-discipline teams to develop commercial-quality applications for end-users working in faith-based companies, not-for-profit charities and leading American companies and organizations.

“This year’s students experienced the great shift at the workplace, where telecommuting and teleconferencing have become the norm,” Gichamba said. “Most engagements with sponsors and project teams were virtual. This was a great opportunity for our seniors to use tools, methodologies and techniques that the industry has embraced as more organizations have gone virtual.”

State of Missouri ITSD senior project membersProjects for the 2021-2022 academic year included: 

• Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Return to Work Guidance, Kansas City
Student Team: Matthew Martinez, computer information science major from East Moline, Ind.; Samuel Coons, a computer science major from Washington, Mo.; Callen Dye, a cybersecurity major from Springfield, Mo.; and Slate Rehm, a cybersecurity major from Pleasant Hope, Mo.

The team was tasked with creating an application to assist workers in transitioning back to office work. This application provides a modern interface for users to find resources about policies, procedures, and resources to facilitate a smooth transition. For this project, a strong emphasis was placed on requirements gathering and adaptability, as the COVID-19 pandemic is fluid and the Bank’s current "Return to Work" guidance is subject to change.

• State of Missouri IT Services Division Employee Locator, Jefferson City
Student Team: Devon Darlington, a computer information science major from Springfield, Mo.; Thomas Schaal, a computer science major from Fayetteville, Ark.; Mathew Baldinger, a computer science and mathematics major from Sedalia, Mo.; and Nicholas Alexander, a cybersecurity major from Lebanon, Mo.

SBU Community Life + Worship senior project membersITSD has an outdated Employee Locator application that needed to be modernized. Initially, the application was created to allow ITSD staff (approximately 950 employees) to “locate” where an existing ITSD teammate worked and other demographic details. The goal of this project was to create a dynamic system that allows employee engagement, capture accurate data, and use newer technologies.

• Southwest Baptist University CLW, Bolivar 
Student Team: Allison Green, a computer science and mathematics major from Bolivar, Mo.; Hannah Laws, a computer science and mathematics major, and music minor from Hannibal, Mo.; Evan Turnquist, a cybersecurity major from Bremerton, Wash.; and Kevin Stewart, a web systems and design major from Bridgeton, Mo. 

This project aimed to allow a user-friendly way for students to record the CLW events they attend. These included Chapel attendance and small groups. The project will enable the University Ministries office and SBU students to get up-to-date and accurate CLW credits information. 

Duck Creek Technologies senior project members• Duck Creek Technologies, Bolivar, Mo.
Student Team: Freddy Ramirez, a computer science major from Monett, Mo.; Ezekial Perriman, a computer science and mathematics major from Stotts City, Mo.; Cole Kerby, a computer science and mathematics major from Pleasant Hill, Mo.; and Jeremiah Woodward, a cybersecurity major from House Springs, Mo.

The project’s goal was to create an automated testing environment used internally to test a Duck Creek web-based solution. This solution is a proprietary utility/editor used to edit and configure meta-data used by the Duck Creek solutions.

• Exigo Business Solutions, Liberty, Mo.
Student Team: Coleman Yantis, a computer science major from Carl Junction, Mo.; Anna Miller, a computer science major from Downers Grove, Ill.; Teptaikorn Saejang, a cybersecurity major from Bangkok, Thailand; and Michael Ramsey, a cybersecurity major from Ava, Mo.

Exico Business Solutions senior project teamThe goal of the project was to customize an Open Source ERP system. The customization was for small therapy practices (Mental Health, Physical, Speech, Occupational); that would give them a cost-effective ERP / EMR system. The customization focused on the Medical Record Notes and Billing processes to make them specific for small practices.

• Lightwise, Bolivar, Mo.
Student Team: Christopher Holt, a computer information science and digital marketing major from Bolivar, Mo.; Parker King, a computer information science major from Lamar, Mo.; Trevor Conley, a computer science major from Bolivar, Mo.; and Jacob Knudsen, a cybersecurity major from Joplin, Mo.

Lightwise uses as its customer relationship management system. This project aimed to create interoperability between this system and their contacts, task management, accounting, and inventory management systems, using the APIs available for each.  

Lightwise senior project team members• Inter-State Studio Publishing Co., Sedalia, Mo.
Student Team: Blake Robinett, a computer information science major from Oklahoma City, Okla.; Caleb Burnham, a computer science and mathematics major from Bolivar, Mo.; Jarret Johnson, a cybersecurity major from Springfield, Mo.; and Matthew Hart, a web systems and design major from Springfield, Mo. 

Inter-State’s internal sales team uses a homegrown website to plan for and track details about sales visits, customer and contact data, service calls, and other similar customer interactions. As our workforce becomes more modern, so should its tools evolve. This project aimed to develop a mobile app to complement the existing Inter-State Studio Sales Site. The project introduced new flexibility to their users while securely maintaining customer and contact data.

SBU’s Division of Computing and Mathematics houses nine full-time faculty members, one faculty associate and more than 100 students majoring in computer science, computer information science, cybersecurity, web systems and design, mathematics or mathematics education. Among evangelical Christian institutions, SBU is one of the leading producers of software engineers in the United States and is the second-largest university computing department in the Missouri Ozarks.

Inter-State Studio Publishing senior project teamSBU’s Computer Science and Cybersecurity programs are accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). SBU is only one of two evangelical Christian institutions with an ABET-accredited Cybersecurity program, and one of eight in the nation. The Computer Information Science program is accredited by ACBSP.

For more information about the Division of Computing and Mathematics, contact Gichamba at (417) 328-1721 or

PHOTO 1: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City team – Matthew Martinez, Slate Rehm, Samuel Coons and Callen Dye.

PHOTO 2: State of Missouri ITSD Employee Locator team – Thomas Schaal, Nicholas Alexander, Devon Darlington and Mathew Baldinger.

PHOTO 3: Southwest Baptist University CLW team – Kevin Stewart, Allison Green, Hannah Laws and Evan Turnquist.

PHOTO 4: Duck Creek Technologies team – Ezekial Perriman, Jeremiah Woodword, Freddy Ramirez and Cole Kerby.

PHOTO 5: Exigo Business Solutions team – Teptaikorn Saejang, Anna Miller, Coleman Yantis and Michael Ramsey.

PHOTO 6: Lightwise team – Trevor Conley, Jacob Knudsen, Parker King and Christopher Holt.

PHOTO 7: Inter-State Studio Publishing team – Blake Robinett, Jarett Johnson, Caleb Burnham and Matthew Hart.

*Published: 5-19-2022