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A mathematics degree will help you develop problem solving skills valuable in a wide variety of careers and industries. At SBU you also can choose to combine your mathematics degree with another major or minor in another discipline, such as computer science or business, to add depth to your academic program and expand career possibilities available to you.

As a mathematics major at SBU, you will benefit from small class sizes allowing you to interact closely with your classmates and build lifelong friendships. You also will form close relationships with your faculty, who are highly qualified in the field of mathematics, work hard to stay current on mathematics trends and frequently presenting at conferences and seminars.

SBU students

The SBU Advantage

  • Put your learning into action by leading math labs, serving as a math tutor or helping with math contests SBU hosts for elementary and middle school students.
  • Engage in research alongside a faculty member while still an undergraduate student through the SBU Undergraduate Research Experience program.
  • Utilize mathematics technology such as cutting-edge GeoGebra, software which is used to illustrate various mathematics topics.

Faith Integration

SBU is home to the Darrell R. Strait Center for the Integration of Science and Christian Faith, which is intentionally focused on equipping students to study the history and philosophy of science, Biblical hermeneutics, and the integration of science and faith. Faculty encourage discussion of ethical issues that arise in the world of science and challenge students to use their Christian faith as the basis for approaching all issues. SBU believes strongly that science and Christian faith can be integrated and support each other.

As a mathematics major, you will take a course from the Strait Center, Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith, and will have the option to add a second major in Integration of Science and Christian Faith by taking the other Strait Center courses, including Methods of Biblical Interpretation, Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview, and History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.


SBU mathematics graduates have pursued a variety of careers at organizations such as:

  • Cerner Corporation
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • National Security Agency (NSA)

Graduate schools

Many of our graduates have pursued further education at institutions such as:

  • Baylor University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Nebraska

As with any education, you get out of it what you put into it. The attentiveness of the faculty is outstanding at SBU, which is paramount — you're going to be hard pressed to find that elsewhere. I received an interdisciplinary education enabling me to take on challenges that would have otherwise been overwhelming.

Erica Whitfield '10, Engineer at Applied Optimization
Erica Whitfield, Mathematics alum
Alexandra Archer, Instructor

Ms. Alexandra Archer, Instructor
Bob Glasgow

Dr. Bob Glasgow, Professor
Stephen Bowling, Professor

Dr. Stephen Bowling, Professor
Kevin Hopkins

Dr. Kevin Hopkins, Department Chair


You will have the opportunity to apply for several privately funded departmental scholarships including:

  • Friends of the School of Arts and Sciences Scholarship - an endowed scholarship fund established by the curators and friends of the School of Arts and Sciences for students who are enrolled at SBU with a major in the College of Science and Mathematics and have demonstrated high academic honors and good balance between the academic, spiritual, and social aspects of campus life.
  • Jerry and Martha Harns Scholarship - an annual scholarship established by Colonel and Mrs. Harns to students majoring in mathematics or science.



Fall Semester

MAT 1195 Calculus I 5
CIS 1033 Foundations of Computer Science 3
ENG 1113 English Composition I 3
BIB 1013 Old Testament History 3
UNI 1111 University Seminar 1
Total hours 15

Spring Semester

MAT 2255 Calculus II 5
ENG 2213 English Composition II 3
BIB 1023 New Testament History 3
POL 1113 American Government 3
KIN 1162 Foundations of Physical Fitness/Wellness 2
UNI 1121 Critical Thinking 1
Total hours 17


Fall Semester

MAT 2263 Calculus III 3
MAT 3332 Symbolic Logic and Set Theory or  
  3-hour Elective 2-3
CIS 1144 Computer Science I (required for BS) 4
PSY 1013 General Psychology 3
COM 1103 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
Total hours 15-16

Spring Semester

MAT 3313 Abstract Algebra (spring, even) or  
MAT 3323 Linear Algebra (spring, odd) (both required) 3
MAT 3353 Integrated Mathematics (spring, even years, or Winterfest, odd) or  
MAT 4483 Contemporary Geometry (spring, odd) or  
MAT 3363 Differential Equations or elective 3
FAR 10_3 Intro. to Art, Fine Arts, Music or Theatre 3
SPF 2012 Introduction to Spiritual Formation 2
  Cultural Studies 2-3
BIO 1004 Principles of Biology 4
Total hours 17-18


Fall Semester

MAT 3343 Mathematical Statistics (Required; fall, odd) or  
MAT 3372 Math Technologies (fall or Winterfest, even) 3
MAT 3382 History of Mathematics (fall, odd) or  
SCF 3422 Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith (support course-Fall or Winterfest, even) or  
MAT 4433 Numerical Methods (fall, even) or  
  Elective 2-3
ECO 2003 LIFE Economics 3
CHE/PHS Physical science elective 4
  Foreign Language (if B.A.) or elective 4
Total hours 16-17

Spring Semester

  MAT 3313 or 3323 (Both required) 3
  MAT 3353 or 4483 or elective 3
HIS 2213/2223 U.S. History I or II 3
  Elective 4
  Foreign Language (if B.A.) or elective 4
Total hours 17


Fall Semester

  MAT 3343 or MAT 3372 2-3
  MAT 3382 or MAT 4433 or SCF 3422 or elective 2-3
MAT 4663 Advanced Calculus (required) 3
  Electives 8
Total hours 15-17

Spring Semester

  MAT 3313 or 3323 (both required) 3
  MAT 3353 or 4483 or elective 3
  Electives 10
Total hours 16

This is a proposed guideline. Please check the catalog and see your advisor for your final degree requirements.
Southwest Baptist University reserves the right to make changes to degree plans without advanced notice or obligation.
The student is responsible for understanding and completing all general education, degree, departmental and graduation requirements.

Download in PDF format:
Mathematics Plan