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Thank you for considering a gift to Southwest Baptist University. Your support of SBU impacts the lives of students and makes you an integral part of fulfilling the University’s mission to prepare students to be servant leaders in a global society. Explore SBU’s options for giving and decide how you can give back to move SBU forward.

give online

This easy way to give allows you to impact the lives of students immediately. Make a gift online using your credit card, debit card or by electronic debit to your bank account. SBU accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

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monthly gifts

Many alumni and friends make a major investment in the University through recurring monthly gifts. Pledging over a three to five year period may allow you to give more than is possible with a one-time cash gift. If you would like to set up a monthly gift plan, please contact Penny Marr, assistant director of stewardship services, at (417) 328-1802 or pmarr@SBUniv.edu.

matching gifts

Your gift can double or triple if your company has a matching gift program. Check to see if your company participates in matching gifts to enhance the impact your gift has on the lives of SBU students.

annual scholarship fund

The Annual Scholarship Fund is made up of many unrestricted gifts from Southwest Baptist University’s loyal alumni, friends, students, parents, faculty and staff. When you give to the Annual Scholarship Fund you are investing in the lives of SBU students. Your gift is more than an investment into students’ academic endeavors - it is a statement that you believe in them and in the Christ-centered future to which God has called them.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your support of the Annual Scholarship Fund. Please contact Kristina Hottes-Lloyd at (417) 328-1804 or khlloyd@SBUniv.edu.

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gift and estate planning

You can be a part of SBU’s mission by choosing from a variety of planned giving options. Many tools are available for donors to use to benefit their financial position while making a gift to impact the lives of SBU students. For gifts such as funding a scholarship, investing in SBU’s endowment, gifting of appreciated securities or real estate, or naming SBU in a will, the University Relations staff takes time to consult with donors so that their gifts are managed with care.

Friends and alumni of SBU who would like more information about gift and estate planning opportunities may contact Dr. Brad Johnson, vice president for university relations, at (417) 328-1805 or bjohnson@SBUniv.edu.

  • Fund a private scholarship - Scholarships give SBU students the opportunity to excel in their areas of interest while worrying less about college finances. When you fund a scholarship you help enable students to afford a Christ-centered SBU education. Through this giving opportunity you will have a hand in making the goals and dreams of SBU students a reality.
  • Endowment and stewardship - The SBU Endowment is an investment pool which holds those funds supporting scholarships and the University’s long-term operations. The University understands that managing these funds well is critical to achieving its long-term mission and honoring the donors who made it possible.
  • Gift of stock - Not all donations to SBU need to be in the form of cash. By making a gift of stock, you will be asked to confirm the type of securities and how your gift should be used by SBU. (Learn more)
  • Gift of real estate - Many people who purchased investment properties during the real estate boom of the 1980s are tired of the taxes, maintenance and management that accompany property ownership. If the same is true for you, why not consider giving the property to charity? You can avoid the stress associated with a sale and ultimately make a more significant gift than the sale proceeds would have allowed.
  • Name SBU as a beneficiary - There are a myriad of easy giving options from which you can choose when naming SBU as a beneficiary in your will to a more complex trust arrangement. The Office of University Relations can tell you about creative giving strategies that enhance you and your family’s well-being while also helping SBU. This may look like giving through:
    • Bequests
    • Retirement account designation
    • Income producing gifts
    • Life insurance
    • Gifts of property


Learn more about gift planning, discover helpful gift planning resources, read stories from SBU donors, and more at SBUlegacy.org

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