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OLIS Enrollment Form

Thank you for your interest in SBU's Online Independent Study (OLIS) courses! This is no preregistration for OLIS courses. Unless otherwise specified by the Department of Online Learning, your enrollment begins upon receipt of your enrollment form.

  • Spring enrollment (SC): Course begins January 1 - May 31
  • Summer enrollment (MC): Course begins June 1 - August 31
  • Fall enrollment (FC): Course begins September 1 - December 31

You will have four months to complete your OLIS course; you can request a one-time two-month extension, if needed.

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OLIS Enrollment Guidelines

Email Communication

All email correspondence from OLIS will be directed to your SBU email account. If you are new to SBU, please provide a valid email address in the form below. Your welcome email, containing the necessary information to access your course, will be sent to this address. All ensuing correspondence will be sent to your SBU email account, which is accessed through the MySBU portal.

Advisor Approval

If you are a current degree-seeking student in an SBU undergraduate or graduate degree program, you must have approval from your academic advisor to enroll in an OLIS course. 

Credit Hour Limits

OLIS courses do count toward your total credit hour limitations per semester, as detailed in the University catalog. OLIS courses are counted as part of your total academic load during the semester the course is open. If you exceed load limit restrictions, the University will require you to reduce load hours. When and where applicable, you will be subject to existing OLIS withdrawal and grading policies. If you have been placed on academic difficulty, special guidance, or probation, you are not permitted to enroll in OLIS courses.

Tuition and Fees

OLIS course tuition is charged the standard credit hour rate of the SBU campus through which you are enrolled. A $25 handling fee is assessed for each OLIS course you take. Detailed financial information can be found in the University catalog


If you wish to pay by credit card, you must first place charges on your SBU account. After your registration has been processed (typically two business days after you have been notified of your enrollment), you may pay in WebAdvisor, through the MySBU portal, or by calling the cashier's office at (417) 328-1523. Please note that a 2.89% convenience fee is charged for credit/debit card transactions. 

If you have questions about the relationship between financial aid and OLIS, please contact Brad Gamble, director of financial aid, at (417) 328-1823 prior to enrolling.

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If you are a veteran, please contact Veteran Services at (417) 328-1609 before enrolling in an OLIS course.
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