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MBA Early Acceptance Program

Accelerated MBA Program

High school senior students with a minimum 25 ACT (or equivalent SAT) score are eligible to apply on a competitive basis for early conditional acceptance into the fast track MBA program at SBU. High school students (or current SBU freshmen with less than 30 credit hours completed) should contact the Master of Business Administration office for an application for early conditional acceptance consideration.

Application Process

Applications should be submitted on or before January 15 if you are participating in Scholars Day or by April 15 prior to freshman enrollment at SBU to ensure consideration. Notifications will be sent by March 15 to Scholars Day participants or May 15 for April applicants. A maximum of six awards will be given during any one academic year. If the six slots are not filled during the spring selection cycle, a late cycle pool will be considered during February of your freshman year. If slots are not filled for an academic year, they will not roll over or be extended.

Once you are accepted into the EAP, you are expected to enroll immediately and begin taking a full-time course load at SBU. All MBA prerequisite and major courses must be taken at SBU. You must confirm your intent to enroll and pay the appropriate deposit for the professional phase of the program by March 1 of your intended enrollment year.

If you earn this conditional acceptance to our accelerated MBA program, you must meet the following standards to enter the program's professional phase:

  • Submit a current overall graduate program application
  • Earn an overall GPA of 3.00+ and a GPA of 3.25+ in prerequisite courses
  • Complete an internship or approved position related to your selected undergraduate major
  • Become a member of a College of Professional Programs club/organization for a minimum of one year
  • Complete all prerequisite courses with a "B" minimum first time without repeating prior to enrollment

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 Frequently Asked Questions

If you meet the established EAP standards of the conditional acceptance program when it is time for you to enter the professional phase of the program, then the answer is "yes!"
You will be required to enroll in SBU courses in the next academic semester. It is expected that you transition immediately from high school to SBU and begin taking classes that fall.
In general, the answer is yes. All prerequisite and major classes should be taken at SBU to ensure the student has sufficient knowledge of the topic to succeed in the MBA program. When taking occasional courses at other colleges or universities, you must seek prior approval from your undergraduate degree advisor and the MBA program. If there is any question, please receive written permission in advance and do not assume the course will automatically transfer.
The application process is competitive to determine the top six students who eventually receive EAP selection. A waiting list will be compiled from those students not initially accepted. The top six applicants will be selected, and the other applicants can apply through the regular application process during their collegiate senior year.
Absolutely! If you excel in your coursework you have an excellent chance of being accepted. The College of Professional Programs faculty are here to invest in you and help you be successful. So, together as a team, you can reach your God-given potential. Remember though, this is a competitive process!
We recommend you take your prerequisite courses early in your college career and work to have most, if not all, completed by the end of your junior year, in order to begin taking three to nine credit hours your senior year. Your undergraduate advisor will be knowledgeable on how to plan your course schedule and create a core plan so you are adequately prepared to transition into the MBA program.