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Financial Aid Questionnaire

We strive to partner with you and your family to make your Southwest Baptist University education a reality. The information shared in this form will be delivered to your SBU admissions counselor to assist in developing an accurate financial aid award. Please be as detailed as possible so we can review your situation outside of the circumstances represented on the FAFSA.

Please enter your first and last name.
What type of student will you be when you start at SBU?
When do you plan to submit the FAFSA?
Do you have any siblings who will be enrolled at any college at the same time as you?
The following section of the questionnaire will help us determine which SBU scholarships you could receive.
Which performance-based scholarships do you intend to pursue? (Check all that apply.)
Do you plan to live in on-campus housing during the 2022-2023 academic year?
Have you taken dual credit classes offered by SBU?
Are you planning to use VA/Military benefits for financial aid?
Do you have a parent who is a minister or missionary?
Eligible participants include dependents of full-time ministers (paid or unpaid), part-time ministers (paid), and full-time missionaries.
Are you planning to pursue a major in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry (children's, discipleship, pastoral, youth), Church Music, or Intercultural Studies?
The SBU Church Matching Scholarship program applies to students who are receiving scholarship money from their churches. If your church is offering you a scholarship, SBU will match the amount the church gives up to $500/year.
Do you expect to receive a scholarship from your church?
Do you plan to complete the Private Scholarship Application on your MySBU account? (Deadline: February 1)
As a reminder, you already qualify for an automatic academic scholarship based on your academic achievements!