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students performing in theatre production

Speech Communication and Theatre Education Major

Teach speech communication and theatre at the high school level

Do you enjoy public speaking, forensics and debate? Do you love to act and participate in theatre? Do you have a passion for working with and teaching youth?

SBU's speech communication and theatre education degree will equip you to become an educator to teach speech, communication and/or theatre, and even to become a high school forensics coach. Participating in the SBU Theatre Program or joining the Speaking Bearcats forensics team will give you valuable, hands-on experience you will be able to share with your students.

The Speech Communication and Theatre Education degree is offered through SBU's College of Arts and Sciences


Major Map (PDF)

Degree plan


(100% of SBU speech communication and theatre education graduates during the past seven years have received employment in education.)

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The SBU Advantage

  • Learn from highly qualified and dedicated faculty in communication, theatre, and education disciplines.
  • Classroom field experiences begin as early as your freshman year and culminate with a semester-long student teaching experience your senior year, providing the real-world experience and networking opportunities needed to set you up for success.
  • The Speaking Bearcats, SBU's forensics team, has won 12 Pi Kappa Delta national championships.
  • SBU's Theatre Program provides students with opportunities in acting, directing, playwriting, and technical theatre, and produces four or more productions each year.

Faith Integration

The intentional integration of faith and discipline distinguishes SBU's speech communication and theatre education program. You will receive a quality academic education while also being challenged to consider how you can incorporate you Christian faith in what you do. 

As a future educator, you will learn to consider your classroom to be a mission field and will learn how you can be a Christian witness, even in a public school environment. 

SBU's theatre program carefully considers and integrates faith in all aspects of theatre, from show selection to casting, design and production.

Clubs and Organizations


Join the Speaking Bearcats, SBU's nationally acclaimed forensics speech and debate team, which has won 12 Pi Kappa Delta (intercollegiate speech and debate honorary organization) national championships.


Engage in all aspects of theatre, from acting to stagecraft, by participating in the SBU Theatre Program. At least four shows are produced each year, from a variety of genres.

Student media

Put your learning into action through participation in Infuse, SBU's podcast radio station reporting campus and community news. Get hands-on experience with content creation, production, and distribution.

Meg Wilson
"The SBU Theatre program taught me that we don't have to sacrifice quality for Christianity. As believers, we should be the best storytellers in the realm of fine art; after all, we have the greatest story to tell."
Meg (Parker) Wilson '09
Speech Communications Studies Director at Prestonwood Christian Academy and star of the movie "Seasons of Gray" released in 2013

Student Missouri State Teachers Association

As a speech communication and theatre education major, you are encouraged to join SBU's chapter of Student Missouri State Teachers Association (SMSTA) to benefit from professional development and networking opportunities as you prepare for your future teaching career.

Speech Communication and Theatre Education Program Four-Year Plan


Fall Semester

ENG 1113 English Composition I 3
COM 1103 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
MAT 1143 College Algebra 3
EDU 2113 Educational Psychology 3
THR 1053 Stagecraft 3
UNI 1111 University Seminar 1
COM 3351   Intercollegiate Forensics 1
Total hours 17

Spring Semester

ENG 2213 English Composition II 3
EDU 2313 Foundations of Education 3
THR 1033 Introduction to Theatre 3
HIS 2213/2223 U.S. History I or II 3
COM 3313 Advanced Public Speaking 3
UNI 1121 Introduction to Critical Thinking 1
COM 3351 Intercollegiate Forensics 1
Total hours 17


Fall Semester

BIB 1013 Old Testament History 3
COM 2223 Argumentation and Debate 3
THR 1023 Acting 1 3
EDU 2141 Field Experience 1 (9-12) 1
THR 1001 Theatre Performance Workshop 1
SPF 2012 Introduction to Spiritual Formation 2
COM 3303 Oral Interpretation of Literature 3
Total hours 16

Spring Semester

BIO 1004 Principles of Biology 4
THR 1011 Production Workshop 1
ECO 2003 LIFE Economics 3
EDU 2823 Technology for Educators 3
EDU 3043 Learner Development and the Classroom 3
BIB 1023 New Testament History 3
Total hours 17


Fall Semester

EDU 3333 Principles and Methods of Secondary Instruction 3
EDU 3341 Field Experience Level 2 (9-12) 1
THR 4023 Directing of Plays 3
CIS 1103 Computer and Information Management 3
POL 1113 American Government and Politics 3
PHS 1004 Introduction to Physical Science 4
Total hours 17

Spring Semester

EDU 3013 Analyzing and Amending Reading Problems 3
EDU 4502 Methods of Teaching Theatre 2
KIN 1162 Foundations of Physical Fitness/Wellness 2
EDU 3613 Content Area Literacy 3
EDU 3833 Behavior and Classroom Management Secondary 3
  Electives 3
Total hours 16


Fall Semester

COM/THR Electives 6
  Elective 3
  Cultural Studies 2
EDU 4552 Methods of Teaching Speech 2
PSY 1013 General Psychology 3
Total hours 16

Spring Semester

EDU 4691 Student Teaching Seminar 1
EDU 4832 Assessment and Evaluation of Learners 2
EDU 4623 Teaching Diverse Learners 3
EDU 4949 Student Teaching in the Secondary School 10
Total hours 16

NOTE: This plan assumes an ACT math score high enough to meet the College Algebra requirement and high school completion of ENG 1113, English Composition, and CIS 1103, Computer and Information Management.

Download in PDF format:
Speech Communication and Theatre Education Plan (PDF)