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SBU is committed to training servant leaders for a global society. You will develop skills in the  Spanish language, while gaining an understanding and appreciation of another culture, its people, literature and art - all of which will serve you well in a variety of career paths.

By studying Spanish at SBU, you will receive a balanced education in the study of conversing, writing and reading in the Spanish language while also emphasizing the study and appreciation of the Hispanic culture. Earn teaching certification to be equipped to teach Spanish at any grade level, K-12.

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The SBU Advantage

  • Hone your Spanish language skills in small classes that provide more opportunities for engagement and involvement.
  • Pursue teaching certification at all grade levels to be certified to teach Spanish at any grade, K-12.
  • Learn Spanish through immersion experiences during study abroad semesters or mission trips to Spanish-speaking countries.

Faith Integration

Faculty intentionally integrate the Christian faith into classroom instruction and allow their Christian worldview to shape their approach to education and the study of another culture and language.

Grow in your faith and help others, while at the same time sharpening your Spanish language skills, by participating in University mission trips to Spanish-speaking countries, such as Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Bolivia. These international experiences combine the academic study of the Spanish language with your faith and passion to serve others.

Full-Time Faculty