• M.A. in English, Southeast Missouri State University
  • B.A. in Religious Education and Elementary Education, Southwest Baptist University

Selected Publications

  • "Ancient Paths"
  • "Bleeding Typewriter"
  • "Cantos"
  • "Cave Region Review"
  • "Integrite"
  • "Grist"
  • "Lucidity Online"

Selected Presentations

  • SBU Author Panel 'Whose Words are These: Three Authors on Authorship'
  • SBU Library Panel 'Integration of Faith and Humanities'
  • Arkansas State Poetry Society 'Poetry Critique'
  • Phi Eta Sigma Coffee Talk “Lights. Camera. Disappear: Audience in My Life”
  • Welcome Week, two lectures over “Responsibility and Opportunity: An Acclimation into the SBU Community” 
  • EQUIP, chapel service 
  • Graduate Record Examinations, presenter 
  • Integration of Faith and Discipline, led discussion after viewing “Thor”

Church/Community Service

  • Attends Pleasant Hope United Methodist Church