Perry Tompkins, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. in Physics, Texas A&M University
    • Thesis: "The TAC H- Ion Source and Low Energy Beam Transport"
  • M.S. in Physics, Texas A&M University
  • B.S. in Physics, University of Houston

Selected Publications

  • P. A. Tompkins, ”Computer-Based Data Acquisition Techniques Immersed in the Undergraduate Physics Laboratory,” Plenary Address and submitted to the proceedings of the 12th Inter-American Conference on Physics Education, Mexico City, Mexico, July 2016.
  • P. A. Tompkins, “Remote Experimentation Made Easy with LabVIEW,” The Physics Teacher, 44 October 2006, 435-437.
  • P. A. Tompkins and G. Pingen, “Real-Time Experimentation Across the Internet,” The Physics Teacher, 40 October 2002, 408-410.
  • P. A. Tompkins, C. C. Abreu, F. E. Carroll, Q. Xiao, C. A. MacDonald, 'Use of Capillary Optics as a Beam Intensifier for a Compton X-Ray Source,' Med. Phys. 21 (11), November 1994, 1777-1784.
  • P. A. Tompkins, Southwest Baptist University, first-year physics laboratory manual.

Selected Presentations

  • P. A. Tompkins, “Instrumentación Virtual,” The 12th Inter-American Conference on Physics Education, Mexico City, Mexico, July 2016.
  • P. A. Tompkins & J. O. Bechtold, “Real Experimentation across the Internet and Across Borders, Ampere’s Law,” AAPT Winter Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2016.
  • P. A. Tompkins, “The International Student Process,” University Educators for Global Engagement annual conference, International Learning Center of the IMB, Richmond, Virginia, April 2012.
  • P. A. Tompkins, 'Instrumentación Virtual,” 6th International Congress on Science Teaching, Havana, Cuba, March 2010. (Presented in Spanish)
  • P. A. Tompkins, “Raising Scientists in the Missionary Generation,” 5th Conclave on Science and Theology, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, May 2007. (Presented in Spanish)

Professional Organizations

  • The Inter-American Council on Physics Education
    • Council Member
  • American Association of Physics Education

Honors and Awards

  • Selected to the Fulbright Specialist's Roster, 2016
  • Fulbright Scholar in Ecuador, Fall 2007. Taught physics and engineering courses in Spanish.
  • G. Pingen, G. Hutson, and P. A. Tompkins, “Internet Measurement of the Magnetic Field of a Long Straight Wire using LabVIEW,” National Instruments’ User Conference, August 2001. Selected as best paper in the academic division.

Church/Community Service

  • Attends First Baptist Church, Bolivar