Courts Redford College of Theology and Ministry

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theology and ministry

The Courts Redford College of Theology and Ministry prepares students for professional church vocations but also provides introductory courses for every SBU student in the Bible and spiritual formation. SBU believes strongly in integrating faith-based learning and teaching into every area of academic curriculum and other university activities.

department of christian ministry

The Department of Christian Ministry equips people for Kingdom building around the world. Students develop ministry skills to be pastors, Christian education ministers, youth ministers, children’s ministers, other staff positions or missionaries, as well as for lay ministry. The department offers the following degree options:

department of theology

Theology courses teach an understanding of and appreciation for the Bible and Christian intellectual tradition. Undergraduate degrees are offered in:

Courses in Greek and Hebrew lay the essential linguistic foundations for those who teach and proclaim the Bible as well as teach the language skills necessary to a liberal arts program. Courses in the Old and New Testament enrich the student’s understanding of the historical and cultural context of the biblical books, the meaning of the author’s words, the critical issues scholars see in the texts, and the contemporary significance of the text’s meaning to one’s life and community. Courses in church history and theology equip the student to understand important doctrines of the Christian faith and to understand the development, expansion and historical impact of Christianity. The Biblical studies degree offers all of this and fosters a better understanding of the Bible and its message.

christian studies

Are you planning to major in something else but want to have a foundation of theology and ministry knowledge? The Christian Studies major is a secondary degree that can be added to any academic plan, other than another Redford College of Theology and Ministry major. This is great for students considering bi-vocational ministry, going on to seminary or who are just interested in expanding their understanding of the Bible and the Christian intellectual tradition.

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Southwest Baptist University now offers a unique master of arts in Christian ministry degree, designed to equip those in various ministry roles with innovative approaches to ministry.