Adjunct Faculty Opportunities

Southwest Baptist University often hires adjunct faculty to assist with teaching specific courses in various academic disciplines. If you are interested in inquiring about possible adjunct faculty opportunities, please use the contact information below based on the subject area in which you wish to teach.

The listing of an academic area on this page does not guarantee current availability of adjunct faculty positions.

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Kevin Schriver, Dean
(417) 328-1710

Division of Arts and Humanities

(Art, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Theatre)

Dr. Jeff Waters, Division Head
(417) 328-1632

Division of Behavioral Sciences

(Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology)

Dr. Shelley Kilpatrick, Division Head
(417) 328-1736

Division of Christian Ministry

(Biblical Studies, Ministry, Theology)

Dr. Matt Kimbrough, Division Head and Associate Provost
(417) 328-1760

Division of Language and Communication

(Communication, English, Spanish)

Dr. Holly Hill-Stanford, Division Head
(417) 328-1699

Division of Natural Sciences

(Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Dr. Perry Tompkins, Division Head
(417) 328-1659

College of Health Professions

Dr. Brittney Hendrickson, Dean
(417) 447-8656

Division of Associate level Nursing and Health Sciences

(Health Sciences, Nursing, Radiography)

Dr. Renay McCarley, Division Head
(417) 447-8664

Division of Bachelor and Graduate Level Nursing and Health Sciences

(Health Sciences, Nursing, Graduate Nursing)

Dr. Cindy Todd, Division Head
(417) 447-8658

Division of Physical Therapy

(Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Dr. Joshua Layman, Division Head
(417) 328-1672

College of Professional Programs

Dr. Troy Bethards, Dean
(417) 328-1694

Division Of Business

(Accounting, Business, Graduate Business)

Dr. Nathan Wright, Division Head
(417) 328-1753

Division of Computing and Mathematics

(Computer Science, Mathematics)

Dr. Kevin Hopkins, Division Head
(417) 328-1675

Division of Education

(Undergraduate and Graduate Education)

Dr. Kevin Patterson, Division Head
(417) 328-1700

Division of Kinesiology

(Exercise Science, Physical Education, Sport Management)

TJ John, Division Head
(417) 328-1988