Adjunct Faculty Opportunities

Southwest Baptist University often hires adjunct faculty to assist with teaching specific courses in various academic disciplines. If you are interested in inquiring about possible adjunct faculty opportunities, please use the contact information below based on the subject area in which you wish to teach.

The listing of an academic department on this page does not guarantee current availability of adjunct faculty positions.

Contact Information

Bob R. Derryberry School of Communication Arts

Jordan Compton
Acting Department Chair
(417) 328-1960

Department of Accounting

Jenell Wagner
Department Chair
(417) 328-1756

Department of Art

Chadd Caldwell
Department Chair
(417) 328-1651

Department of Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Shelley Kilpatrick
Department Chair
(417) 328-1735

Department of Business Administration

Undergraduate Business Programs

Dr. Nathan Wright
Department Chair
(417) 328-1753

Master of Business Administration

Dr. Levi Bridge
MBA Program Director
(417) 328-1758

Department of Christian Ministry

Dr. Lee Skinkle
Interim College Dean
(417) 328-1601

Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Dr. Tim DeClue
Department Chair
(417) 328-1704

Department of Education

Dr. Dwight Haun
Department Chair
(417) 328-2043

Department of Graduate Education

Dr. Kevin Patterson
Department Chair
(417) 328-1517

Department of Kinesiology

Joe Wooderson
Department Chair
(417) 328-1772

Department of Language and Literature

Dr. Holly Hill-Stanford
Department Chair
(417) 328-1682

Department of Mathematics

Dr. Kevin Hopkins
Department Chair
(417) 328-1675

Department of Music

Dr. Robert Carney
Department Chair
(417) 328-1644

Department of Theology

Dr. Lee Skinkle
Interim College Dean
(417) 328-1601

Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Associate of Science in Nursing (Springfield Campus)

Kimberly Burks
(417) 328-7163

Kristi Burks
(417) 328-8681

Pre-Licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Bolivar Campus)

Nancy Delmont
(417) 328-1553

RN-BSN Completion (Springfield Campus)

Dr. Cindy Todd
(417) 447-8658

Master of Science in Nursing (Springfield Campus/Online)

Dr. Sharon Zahn
(417) 893-7139

Radiography or Health Sciences (Springfield Campus)

Dr. Amanda Doneski
(417) 447-8676