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|Mask|: A protective covering worn as a disguise to cover one's true identity.


As women, we are exceptionally aware of our failures. Our need for improvement is relentlessly on our minds. We know what we want the world to see us as, and we know that we do not measure up; so we cover up. We over emphasize areas that we have under control and areas we think look good to the world, such as our relationship status, our image, our successes, or our friends, and we hide behind them.  These identities that we hide behind are our Masks. These masks keep people from seeing or knowing our true selves; instead, others see only what we want them to. But Jesus died so we might know love; true, always-satisfying love. It's because of his blood we are cleansed and made Holy. God then sees us for what we really are and he loves us completely.

When we finally accept this truth, we become empowered to remove the masks that have for so long stolen our true identity and held us back from being accepted.  And then for the first time ever we, our true selves, will be loved and accepted- not our mask.

 "As the Father loved Me, I HAVE ALSO LOVED YOU; abide in My love." –Jesus
John 15:9