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The Alteration


Stephanie Husk (Keynote speaker)

Stephanie Husk

Stephanie Husk is a licensed professional counselor and Recovery Director at Salem Alliance Church, located in Salem, Ore. She has a background in mental health and social work, serving children, adolescents and adults. She is currently the director of LifePath, a biblically-based restoration/recover program that focuses on emotional growth and healing. Stephanie is also an adjunct instructor for Corban University. She is passionate about renewing the mind and loves to encourage people to learn new strategies for embracing the redemption that God offers us. Stephanie is happily married to Kevin, her husband of 27 years, and they have three grown children of whom they are very proud - Tyson, Taylor and Tia.


Angela Allen

Angela Allen

Angela Allen has been married to her high school sweethear for 23 years. They have four awesome kids and one grandson. God called her to be a sign language interpreter once their children were in school. God placed a burden on her heart to start the ministry, "The Unveiled Heart ~ Living Face to Face with Jesus."

Angela has put on retreats around the country for women of all ages, both deaf and hearing, and interpreters for the deaf. She loves to be used by the Lord Jesus to speak truth to anyone seeking truth. Angela is a lover of His word because she has been set free by knowing, believing and living out the Word of God.

Angela was not raised in the church; in fact, she was raised by a single mom who struggled with addictions and a father who abandoned her. When she shares her story, people are amazed at who she has become today. She gives the glory to God! "He saved me, sanctified me and called me to be His servant. I am His, and He is mine," she proclaims.

The Lord has taught her that the Christian life is WORK, and takes action on our part. Angela said, "He didn't save us and then say just sit down and take it easy! We are up against the 'prince of this world' and he is doing all he can to keep us from living in the freedom that the Prince of Peace has called us to. Satan wants us to live our lives based on how we feel, but God wants us to live our lives based on His word! I'm living proof of what Jesus can do with a shattered, broken, willing vessel. My identity once was in the lies I was told by the world, but now my identity is in Christ Jesus. We are called to be living sacrifices and live transformed lives by renewing our minds (Romans 12:1-2). We are to get our minds ready for action by self discipline and setting our minds on Christ Jesus (1 Peter 1:13-16)."

Pamela Burke

Pamela Burke

Pamela grew up in beautiful southeast Missouri at a small Christian camp her parents started when she was four years old. She currently lives there now with her "dreamy husband and two ridiculously cute and fun children." They enjoy rabbit watching and wagon rides as a family. Pamela attended Southwest Baptist University and received degrees in Intercultural Studies and Sociology.

Pamela said, "The journey Christ has brought me on since I committed my life to His kingdom has been anything but boring." One week after getting married, she and her husband moved to Brooklyn, NY. She has done social work with the kids from the streets of NYC and in desperate situations inside hospital rooms. Pamela also served on residence life staff at SBU for four years and worked in the Center for Global Connections office.

"Right now my children get my full intensity, and I am exhausted and ecstatic about developing my very own people. I have never been so humbled."

Diana Gallamore

Diana Gallamore

Diana Gallamore resides in Bolivar, Mo., and serves at Southwest Baptist University as the Director of the Center for Global Connections. Her role is to enlist, train and mobilize short-term mission teams of student missionaries. During her 15 year tenure at SBU, God has allowed Diana to participate in and lead mission teams both domestically and internationally. She has traveled on mission to a variety of locations around the world, with a particular interest in Southeast Asia.

Diana established the ministry, To Be Chosen, in 2010 and serves as a speaker for retreats, conferences, seminars and Bible studies. To Be Chosen was established for the specific purpose of serving as a resource for churches, ministries and individuals who desire to grow deeper in the study of God's Word. This step was the culmination of a lifelong journey and passion for God's Word and a desire for others to deepen their awareness of God's design for their lives.

During these past three and a half years, God has proven His faithfulness over and over again to see her through the most challenging of times - the passing of her husband in 2011. She has two adult children: Amanda, who lives in Bolivar, Mo., and Lance, who lives with his wife, Hope, in Springfield, Mo., and is expecting her first grandchild in early February.

Lynette Hirsch

Lynette Hirsch is a passionate, Truth-loving, transparent woman who loves a good laugh, strong coffee, and deep conversation. She met her sweet (and sexy!) husband, Gary, in Houston, Texas, in January 1998 at a youth event he preached. She saw past his bad haircut and after a long friendship serving in ministry followed by a short, romantic courtship, they eventually married on May 5, 2001. They've been a ministry team ever since. Their first ministry is their home with their five children. They also serve as pastor and family at Chapel Hill Baptist Church in Thayer, Mo.

Lynette homeschools all five of their beautiful (yet very much in need of Jesus) children. She also enjoys crafting handmade items and selling them as "The Work of Her Hand." She started a love/hate relationship with running in January 2013, completing dozens of races including her first half marathon last year. Running has been a gracious gift of God, paralleling much of her life. She has listened to many sermons, prayed many prayers, and had many thoughts while on her runs. She's blogging those thoughts on

Psalm 16 has been her life passage, reflecting the desire for Christ to be her deepest treasure and greatest joy. She desires nothing more than to make Jesus' worth seen in her little piece of life, and finds great joy in sharing the truth of who He is with whoever will listen and in whatever opportunity He presents.

Deanna Robertson

Deanna Robertson

Deanna Robertson works at Southwest Baptist University in the Center for Global Connections. In her words, "I am 48 years old and beyond blessed and amazed to be alive. I celebrate each and every year, day by day. I was born and raised in Springfield, Mo. My mid-teens were spent partying which resulted in addiction that lasted into my late 20s. Jesus Christ redeemed me at age 29 and I have been on a life journey with him since then. My husband loves me on the good and bad days. I am gifted with 'WOO' and I am giddy over 'Baby Moos,' otherwise known by others as calves."