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Brittany Harrell
Resident Director of Beasley Hall

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Brittany Harrell

Greetings! My name is Brittany Harrell, Resident Director of Beasley Hall. I graduated from SBU in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. I love to see the mystery and majesty of the Lord and His creation, especially when it is revealed through the sciences.

​ I lived three out of my four years in Beasley Hall when I was attending SBU and I love and cherish the memories created in this place. I am now privileged to continue to live in the building that so quickly became home for me, but even more privileged to live among such an outstanding group of ladies that are the core of what Beasley actually is. I am excited and thankful to get the chance to create many more grand and adventurous memories with my girls here at Beasley Hall.

​Things you should know about me: I am an identical twin, an aunt to the most precious kids in the entire world, adventure enthusiast, road trip professional, student of cultures, nature lover, and constant learner. As I grow closer to the Lord I start to see a greater picture of His character; as a result of seeing the Lord more clearly I now know what I say or do holds little value. My prayer is that while we are all here at Beasley hall living life together, we will cause one another to discover more about the Lord and then figure out what these discoveries mean for each of us individually. I desire that we will be continually made new so that we will one day leave this place changed.