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Making the Transition to College Easier

Parents saying goodbye
Whether your student lives on campus or commutes, whether they are 10 hours or 10 minutes away, there is a transition that occurs in your household.

1. Encourage your student to become involved in campus life. There are a variety of activities on campus. Whether students are interested in service, Student Association, academics, or deepening their spiritual life, there are opportunities for them!

2. Express the excitement you feel regarding your student’s college future. Transitions are joyful and represent growth and change in your student. Make this transition a memorable occasion!

3. Encourage your student to make friends on campus. If your student is a freshman or a new transfer student, make sure he or she takes advantage of Welcome Week and the opportunity to form friendships and become acquainted with faculty, staff, and the SBU campus.

4. For students who do move to SBU and live on campus, encourage occasional visits home. If students leave campus every weekend, they hinder their ability to become involved in campus life.

5. Encourage your student to make use of the resources at SBU. Whether they need help understanding algebra or they simply need to know how to get a parking permit, there are many resources on campus for students to get the help they need.

6. Celebrate the transition! A college experience is a unique transition. Pray for your student as he or she discovers God’s plan for his or her life.

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