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SBU Prospective Students

Off to a Strong Start

College probably seems a long way off, but you’ll be surprised how quickly the years pass and you’re ready to apply at SBU. Even if you have three or four years until you come to SBU, there are several things you can do now to prepare yourself academically for college. Follow these tips so you’ll be ready to meet the more demanding challenges you’ll face in college.

5 Things to Do Today to Prepare for College Tomorrow

  1. Don’t settle for the easy route. Take math, science and all the honors classes you can.
  2. If you know the academic major you want to pursue, take courses that relate to that field now. If not, enroll in a range of courses to broaden your awareness of career choices.
  3. Participate in extracurricular activities. Be involved. Stretch yourself.
  4. Practice good study habits. Skills you learn now will equip you for the more challenging demands of college.
  5. SBU does not require you to take a foreign language, but it is a great idea. Not only will this challenge your mind, but it’s also a huge asset if you desire to study abroad or take a mission trip to the foreign country whose language you’ve studied.