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Meet Adam Shelden

Adam Shelden

Name: Adam Shelden
Title: Admissions Counselor
Territory: Mid Missouri
Phone: (417) 328-1824

Degree: Education Administration in the Church

Alma Mater: Southwest Baptist University

Years of Admissions Experience: One

Hometown: Waynesville, MO

Family: My wife, Elizabeth, and I live in Bolivar, but our families primarily live in Waynesville and the surrounding area.

What's on my iPod/What I’m listening to: Mat Kearny and NeedtoBreathe

Favorite book/book currently reading: Bear Grylls’ Mud, Sweat, and Tears and The Hobbit  

Favorite professional sports team: The Stl. Cardinals and The Kansas City Chiefs

Hobbies: I enjoy fishing, hunting, carpentry, cooking, and working in the children’s ministry at church. I enjoy being outdoors and working with my hands.

Why did you choose to work for SBU? I chose to work for SBU because the time I spent here as a student was pivotal in my life. Being a Resident Assistant I was given the ability to work with students in all stages of their college experience, and I loved it. So, what better way to continue my love for guiding and helping people than to work for the University that refined me and helped me.

Favorite thing to do in Bolivar: Fishing at the underwater bridge and Pomme de Terre River, Going to Dunnegan Memorial Park, Playing catch with friends, and Homecoming!

Favorite college memory: My favorite college memory has to be Homecoming 2012 with working on the Pirate Ship float my dorm made. It was complete with two decks and working cannons. 

Tips for success in first year at SBU: Be yourself! Don’t go into college looking to remake who you are. Be who the Lord made you to be, not what society thinks you should be. You will make friends, just be willing to meet new people, but don’t get too caught up with the social life. Your first year is just as academically important as your last. Most of all, be a light in the world for the one, true God.

What SBU means to me: SBU to me means community, love, and good times. SBU has allowed me to make lifelong friendships that are built upon the overarching principle of Christ, love. With those friends, I have experienced some of the best times of my life while at SBU.