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Online Dual Credit Courses

All courses are web based independent studies which require internet access and valid email address. A textbook purchase is required for most courses. You may purchase a text from any source.

Please secure your text(s) and have ready before your course begins. For your convenience the SBU Bookstore is linked. Please reference term "Online" and section "OLDC."

Direct specific questions about the following courses and subsequent enrollments to David Marsch (417)-328-1599 or

CIS 1033 Foundations of Computer Science, Mrs. Meilani Conley – 3 Hours (yearlong)

This course consists of key concepts and principles (big ideas) that are foundational and influential to all areas of computing. The following topics will be covered: nature of computing, information/data representation, algorithm, abstraction, recursion, complexity analysis, concurrency, storage, distributed computing limits of computing, programming paradigms, higher-order functions, artificial intelligence, and social impact. The overarching goal of the course is to communicate computing as discipline of great and lasting value.

The student allowed to enroll in this course must meet the following criteria: • Taken or are concurrently enrolled in MAT-1143 (College Algebra) • High school junior or senior • 23 minimum composite score on the ACT OR 3.75 minimum GPA on 4.0 scale

  • Textbook:Abelson, H., Ledeen, K, & Lewis, H. (2012). Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness after the Digital Explosion. (Free online at
  • Dierbach, C. (2013). Introduction to Computer Science Using Python. Wiley Publishing: Hoboken, NJ. ISBN: 978-0-470-55515-6

CIS 1144 Computer Science I, Dr. Tim DeClue – 4 Hours (yearlong)

Introduces the software engineering principles related to computer programming and problem solving including the associated topics of object-oriented design, algorithms, and data structures. The course is designed to provide the serious computer science student with basic software development skills and a solid foundation for further study.

The student allowed to enroll in this course must meet the following criteria: • Be an exceptional academic and internally motivated student. • High school senior • 25 minimum composite score on the ACT OR 3.85 minimum GPA on 4.0 scale • It is strongly recommended that the student have completed or be currently enrolled in a course that satisfies the requirements for MAT 1143 (College Algebra) at Southwest Baptist University.

  • Textbook: Anderson, J., and Franceschi, H. (2012). Java Illuminated: An Active Learning Approach 3rd Ed. Jones and Bartlett Publishing: Sudbury, Massachusetts. ISBN 10: 1-4496-0438-2
  • See Course Information

FAR 1023 Introduction to Music, Dr. Robert Carney - 3 Hours

An introduction to music from Western and non-Western cultures to help the non-music major develop new ways of listening to music for the purpose of understanding it. This course fulfills the general education Fine Arts requirement.

  • Textbook: Hoffer, Charles. Music Listening Today, 5th ed. Boston, MA: Schirmer Cengage Learning, 2013. Students must also purchase the CDs (2) that accompany the text. (Updated 4/1/13)

GEO 1103 Geography, Dr. Kwasi Ofori-Yeboah - 3 Hours

Basic survey introducing the various elements of geographical study. Use of scanner is required.

  • Textbook: H. J. de Blij, Peter O. Muller. Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts, 15th Edition. Copyright 2012. ISBN: 978-1118093603
  • Study Guide: To Accompany Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts, 15th Edition. De Blij, Peter O. Muller, and Elizabeth Muller Hames. ISBN: 978-1-1181-6685

HIS 2213 History of the United States, 1492-1865, Dr. Tim Wood - 3 Hours

Political and social survey of United States history from colonization to the end of Reconstruction.

  • Textbook:Textbook: Jennifer Keene, Saul T Cornell, Edward T. O’Donnell.Visions of America: A History of the United States (2012). Volume 1 (2nd Ed.). ISBN: 0205092675. Publisher: Pearson.

HIS 2223 History of the United States, 1865- Present, Dr. Tim Wood - 3 Hours

Political and social survey of United States history from the Gilded Age to the present.

  • Textbook:Textbook: Jennifer D. Keene, Saul T Cornell, Edward T. O’Donnell. Visions of America: A History of the United States (2012). Volume 2 (2nd Ed). ISBN: 0205092683. Publisher: Pearson.

KIN 1162 Foundations of Physical Fitness and Wellness, Dr. Linda Wooderson - 2 Hours

Study and participation in programs recommended for development of adult physical fitness. Emphasis is on determining level of fitness, importance of fitness in total well being, nutrition and diet selection, monitoring effect of fitness activities, selection of fitness/wellness programs, stress management, and program implementation. This course meets the MO high school P.E. requirement.

  • Textbook: Fahey, Insel, and Roth. Fit & Well Alternate Edition: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness, 11/e. ISBN: 978-0-07-777039-6 Copyright year: 2015. MCGRAW – HILL PUBLISHING CO.

KIN 1043 Personal and Community Health, Dr. Linda Wooderson - 3 Hours

A study of major health problems and factors determining health. Special considerations given to principles and practices of good health for individual and community concerns. This course meets the MO high school health requirement.

  • Textbook: Payne, W.A. and Hahn, D.B. and Lucas, E.B. Understanding Your Health (12th ed.). McGraw-Hill. ISBN-10: 0073529753 | ISBN-13: 978-0073529752

MAT 1163 PreCalculus, Dr. Kevin Hopkins - 3 Hours

This course is a rapid and in depth review of algebra, trigonometry functions in the context that it will be used in Calculus. It is intended for the student needing additional algebra and/or trigonometry skills to enable success in Calculus. Prerequisite: Satisfactory scores on the prealgebra and intermediate algebra portions of the enhanced ACT Examination or a minimum grade of C in College Algebra or its equivalent.

  • Textbook: The text is located within the online learning system ALEKS, you will need to purchase an access code to access the course content. The ebook, Precalculus by John Coburn is included within the ALEKS access code. It is accessed from within ALEKS. There’s a link to ALEKS in the course, and screen casts walking students through the process of accessing the course materials.

MAT 1143 College Algebra, Dr. Kevin Hopkins - 3 Hours

This course explores the use of algebra in the real world. This exploration takes place by examining the concept of function. Conceptual understanding of linear, exponential, logarithmic, quadratic, and other polynomial functions is grounded in the collection and statistical analysis of real world data. Functions will be used to solve real world problems using modeling techniques. The concept of function is also explored in detail using analytic geometry. This course includes recorded class lectures. Prerequisite: Must have an 18 on the math portion of the ACT.

  • Textbook: Explorations in College Algebra, 5th edition, Linda Almgren Kime, Judith Clark, and Beverly Michael published by Wiley. ISBN: 978-0-470-46644-5.
  • Video: Introduction by Dr. Hopkins that provides an overview of the course.

POL 1113 American Government and Politics, Dr. Kwasi Ofori-Yeboah - 3 Hours

This course covers the origin, organization, and policy of United States government at the national, state, and local levels. It encourages citizen participation and leadership in democratic processes beginning at the community level. It also fulfills the Missouri statutory requirement.

  • Textbook: Gitelson, A. R., Dudley, R. L., & Dubnick, M. J. (2014). American Government: Myths and Realities. Oxford University Press. ISBN-10: 0199374228 ISBN-13: 9780199374229

PSY 1013 General Psychology, Mr. Bill Walkup- 3 Hours

A "life-oriented" course including: physiological backgrounds of behavior, development, motivation, emotion, intelligence, personality, adjustment, and social psychology. Internet access and valid e-mail account required. Web-based examinations.

  • Textbook: Davis, S.F. & Palladino, J.J. (2013). Psychology, 7th Edition. 2013. Pearson. ISBN-10: 0-205-84684-X. ISBN-13 978-0-205-84684-9

SOC 1003 Introductory Sociology, Evelyn Mercer, M.S.W.- 3 Hours

Survey of major subject areas and principles of sociology: Topics of the nature and development of culture; social aspects of personality; population trends, social classes, institutions and social change.

  • Textbook: Macionis, John J. (2013). Society: The Basics, 12th Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN# 0-205-89891-2.