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Biology Economics Fine Arts
Health and Physical Education History Geography
Political Science Psychology Sociology


BIO 2243 Nutrition (J.Halverson)

1. Whitney, E.N.; Rolfes. S.R. (2013). Understanding Nutrition. (13th ed.). Cengage Publishing. Casebound: ISBN-10: 1-133-58752-6. ISBN-13: 978-1-133-58752-1. Loose Leaf: ISBN-10: 1133606784. ISBN-13: 9781133606789.


ECO 2003 Literacy in Free Enterprise Economics (R. Credille)

1. Theory and Practice, Welch and Welch, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., tenth edition 2013. ISBN 978-1-118-23359-7. NOTE: Previous editions are not acceptable.


FAR 1003 Introduction to Fine Arts (W. Hooper)

1. No text required.

FAR 1023 Introduction to Music (R. Carney)

1.Text: Hoffer, Charles. Music Listening Today, 5th ed. Boston, MA: Schirmer Cengage Learning, 2013. Students must also purchase the CDs (2) that accompany the text


GEO 1103 Geography (K. Ofori-Yeboah) NEW

1. Text: H. J. de Blij, Peter O. Muller. Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts, 15th Edition. Copyright 2012. ISBN: 978-1118093603

2. Study Guide: To Accompany Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts, 15th Edition. De Blij, Peter O. Muller, and Elizabeth Muller Hames. ISBN: 978-1-118-16685-7


KIN 1043 Personal and Community Health (L. Wooderson)

1. Payne, W.A. and Hahn, D.B. and Lucas, E.B. Understanding Your Health (12th ed.). McGraw-Hill. ISBN-10: 0073529753 | ISBN-13: 978-0073529752.

KIN 1162 Foundations of Physical Fitness and Wellness (L. Wooderson)

1.Fahey, Insel, and Roth. Fit & Well Alternate Edition: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness, 11/e. ISBN: 978-0-07-777039-6. Copyright year: 2015. MCGRAW – HILL PUBLISHING CO.

KIN 2022 Perceptual Motor Development (L. Wooderson)

1. Payne, V.G., Isaacs, L.D. 2008. Human Motor Development: A lifespan approach.(7th ed.) McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. ISBN: 13 - 9780073523620

KIN 2063 School Health Education (L. Wooderson) HOLD

1. Meeks, L., Heit, P., & Page, R. Comprehensive School Health Education.(4th edition 2005), McGraw Hill. ISBN# - 0-07-284406-X. The PowerWeb/OLC Bind-in Card feature is not required for this course.

Note: This course will use a 4th 2005 edition text until further notice. You will need this text edition to enroll in this course.

KIN 3133 Teaching Physical Education in the Elementary School (L. Wooderson) HOLD

1. Pangrazi, R.P. (2007). Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children. (15th ed.)  Benjamin Cummings publisher. ISBN#: 0-8053-7908-8.


HIS 2213 History of the United States, 1492-1865 (T. Wood)

1. Jennifer K., Cornell S.T., O'Donnell, E.T. Visions of America: A History of the United States (2012). Volume 1 (2nd Ed.). ISBN# 0205092675. Pearson..

HIS 2223 History of the United States II, 1877-Present (T. Wood)

1. Jennifer D. Keene, Saul T Cornell, Edward T. O’Donnell. Visions of America: A History of the United States (2012). Volume 2 (2nd Ed). ISBN: 0205092683. Publisher: Pearson.


POL 1111 Missouri Constitution (C. Neal)

1. No text required.

POL 1113 American Government and Politics (K. Ofori-Yeboah)

1. American Government by Gitelson, Dudley and Dubnick (10th Edition). 2012. Cengage Learning. ISBN#-10:1111342032


PSY 1013 General Psychology (R. Brewer) -

Davis, S.F. & Palladino, J.J. (2013). Psychology, 7th Edition. 2013. Pearson. ISBN-10: 0-205-84684-X. ISBN-13 978-0-205-84684-9

PSY 2063 Systems of Psychology (C. Dinwiddie)

1. Schultz, D.P., and Schultz, S.E. (2008). A History of Modern Psychology, 9th ed. Belmont, CA: Thompson/Wadsworth. ISBN# - 0495097993.

PSY 3033 Abnormal Psychology (R. Brewer)

1. Butcher, James N. Susan Mineka, Jill M. Hooley (2011). Abnormal Psychology: Core Concepts, 2nd Edition. Pearson. ISBN# 0-205-765319

PSY 3053 Child Development (B. Walkup)

1. Berger, K. S. The Developing Person: Through Childhood (6th. Ed). 2012. NY: Worth Publishers. ISBN-13# - 978-1-4641-0805 (text only)

PSY 3063 Human Growth and Development (R. Brewer)

1. Berger, K.S. (2011). The Developing Person Through the Lifespan, (8th. Ed.). NY: Worth Publishers. ISBN-10: 142923203X ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-3203-6

2. Straub, R.O. (2011). Study Guide. To accompany, Berger, K.S. (2011). The Developing Person Through the Life Span, 8th ed.). NY: Worth Publishers. ISBN-10: 1429232048 ISBN-13: 9781429232043

PSY 3093 Psychology of Learning (K. Schriver)

1. Olson, M. H., & Hergenhahn, B. R. (2009). An introduction to theories of learning (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0136057721

PSY 4033 Adolescent Development (S. Kilpatrick) HOLD

1. Santrock, J. W. (2007).Adolescence,(11th Ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill.  ISBN: 0073228753.(Paper)

2. Houlihan, D.D. (2007). Study guide. For use with Santrock, J. W. (2007).Adolescence, (11th Ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 007325276X

Note: This course will use the 11th edition until further notice. You will need this text edition to enroll in this course.


SOC 1003 Introduction to Sociology (E. Mercer)

1. Macionis, John J. (2013). Society: The Basics, Twelfth Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN # 0-205-89891-2.

SOC 2003 Social Problems (D. Gamble)

1. Macionis, J.J. Social problems (5th). Copyright 2013. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0-205-88139-4

2. Timmerman, K. (2012 or 2007). Where Am I Wearing? Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons ISBN: 978-1-1182-7755-3

SOC 3003 The Family (E. Mercer)

1. Cox, Frank D. Human Intimacy: Marriage, The Family and Its Meaning. Eleventh Edition, Wadsworth Publishing Co., 2014. ISBN: 978-1-133-94776-9.

SOC 4033 Criminology (E. Mercer)

1. Siegel, L. (2015). Criminology:The Core. (5rd edition). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 978-1-285-06890-9.

SOC 4083 Gerontology (D. Gamble)

1. Hooyman, N. R. & Kiyak, H. A. (2010). Social gerontology: A multidisciplinary perspective (9th ed). Boston: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN 13: 978-0-205-76313-9

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