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Course Status (Additions, Deletions and Holds)

The unavailability of texts, course guides, materials, or instructors may make it necessary to discontinue or temporarily close certain correspondence courses. If you attempt to register for a course that is currently not open for enrollment or has been discontinued, you will be informed and your tuition and fees fully refunded. If you are interested in a course that is closed for revision, we will be glad to place your name on a waiting list so we can contact you when the course re-opens.


COURSES ADDED/UPDATED: The following have been added or updated.

COURSES ON HOLD: Because the following courses are experiencing adjustments, enrollment is being restricted (no enrollment permitted) until further notice.

HPE 2063 - School Health Education

HPE 3133 - Teaching PE in Elementary School

PSY 4033 - Adolescent Development.



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