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How Courses are Delivered


Web-Based Courses - These courses are self-paced, online independent study in format. The Online Independent Study office will e-mail you as to the course URL, your user ID, and a password. Once you log into the course, you find information designed to help you complete the course. Most of your interaction with the instructor is electronic messaging, though a few courses require some items to be sent to the instructor via the U.S. Postal Service.

An OLIS self-paced, online independent study course is delivered using Angel Learning®. The course can be described as an asynchronous online independent study in which access to syllabus, bibliograhpy of resources, course and project requirements and project consultation using e-mail communication can be achieved anytime, anywhere via the Internet and a Web browser. Since these courses are offered through Angel Learning® you must not only demonstrate a certain degree of computer literacy, but meet certain minimum computer hardware/software standards as well.


A short course at a local community college or public library on the Internet, personal computer basics, or other computer areas will build confidence and facilitate successful completion of the courses through OLIS.

The very nature of the web-based courses through OLIS requires the sharing of documents and information among fellow learners and faculty. To facilitate this process and reduce the frustration of receiving and sending documents, students should note several things.First, document sharing may be accomplished among various word processor programs. Most, if not all OLIS on-line faculty, use Microsoft Word for word processing. Students will need to send files in the current Word format.

Please contact the Online Independent Study office if any questions arise concerning hardware, software, or telecommunication needs and requirements. However, any technical questions concerning hardware, software, or telecommunication support should be directed to the applicable vendor.

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