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SBU Physical Therapy Department

Prerequisite Courses

For Admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

To read the official course description for the following courses in the current online SBU Catalog, follow the "Course Descriptions" link to the PDF file and use the PDF bookmarks to find the course descriptions for the subject. Individual courses are listed in numerical order.

General Chemistry

Two semesters, each with lab (at SBU: CHE 1115, 1125). Note: chemistry may have a math prerequisite. Course Descriptions

General Physics

Two semesters, each with lab (at SBU: PHY 1114, 1124). Note: physics may have a math prerequisite. Course Descriptions


Required: general biology (at SBU: BIO 1004), anatomy and physiology - one semester each or full year combined sequence (at SBU: BIO 2204, 3304). Highly recommended: pathophysiology (at SBU: BIO 4404). Course Descriptions


One course (at SBU: PSY 3243, or MAT 3343, or BUS 2023). Course Descriptions


Any 2 Psychology courses other than statistics. Course Descriptions

Prerequisite science classes (chemistry, physics, biology) must be current. Completion of each course sequence must be within seven years prior to admission to the PT program. Exceptions may be granted only if the applicant can show that knowledge of the course content is current. Applicants seeking an exception must submit a written petition, with rationale, to the chairperson of the physical therapy department at least one month prior to the application deadline. Petition forms are available in the physical therapy department.

The policy for repeat grades as found in the SBU catalog will be followed. The grade for the repeated course will be used in computing GPA. The grade for any science courses repeated due to the seven year rule will be substituted for the old class regardless of the first grade earned.

CLEP/ Advanced Placement Considerations
In some cases, college credit is given for coursework (e.g. CLEP, Advanced Placement) and an actual grade is not recorded.  Credit will be given if needed to meet an admissions requirement, however, if no transcripted grade can be produced, it will be omitted from GPA calculations.