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SBU Physical Therapy Department


Commencement Medal

Each graduating Doctor of Physical Therapy Student is presented with a commencement medal by their advisor. The medal, which is worn around the neck adorning the traditional academic regalia during formal processionals, is minted in an antique gold finish (wisdom) acknowledging the intellectual achievement of entering the profession of physical therapy. The colors of purple (power) and white (light) accent the medal serving as a reminder that each of us are empowered to be a witnesses for Jesus Christ letting His light shine through.

Prayer Challenge Coin

The program mints prayer challenge coins and presents these coins to mission minded individuals associated with the program. The coin serves as a reminder to keep missionary service as a life priority. The coin should not be kept as a prize or a token, but rather actively used and passed on challenging others to join the mission minded network of the Southwest Baptist University Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Those receiving a coin are challenged to pray for those in the mission field, and as each are so called, to serve others through missions service and support.