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Vicki Underhill

Vicki Underhill

Who is playing on your iPod? Everybody from James Taylor & John Mayer to Daughtry and Taylor Swift.

What book are you currently reading? I love to read books on my kindle, especially medical mysteries. My favorite authors include James Patterson, Patrica Cornwell, Michael Palmer and Tess Gerritsen.

Vicki Underhill, MSN, RN
Vickie Underhill
Associate Professor
Southwest Baptist University
Work 4431 S. Fremont, #112
Springfield, MO 65804

Courses taught:  NUR2125, NUR2135

Educational background: Underhill earned an Registered Nurse Diploma from Diploma from Burge School of Nursing in 1977. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing from SBU in 2003 and a Masters of Science in Nursing from Missouri State University in 2008

Why do you enjoy teaching? "It's a privilege being able to combine a love of nursing with a passion for mentoring. When I help budding studetns bloom into educated, competent, and cinfident Registered Nurses, I feel invested in the future of nursing."

Areas of Ministry: Underhill volunteers for a variety of local organizations, mentoring nursing students and new nurses.