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Sheila Gateley

Sheila Gateley, MSN, RN, CNRN
Southwest Baptist University
Work 4431 S. Fremont
Springfield, MO 65804

Courses taught:  Clinical Instructor for Neurology-Neuro Surgery

Educational background: Gateley earned an Registered Nurse diploma from Mercy School of Nursing in 1982; a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mercy College of Nursing & Health Sciences-SBU in 2003; and a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Phoenix in 2010.

Why do you enjoy teaching? "I enjoy working with students in the clinical setting, assisting them with skills, and providing them with different perspectives related to patient care. It amazes me how much I see them grow, not only as nurses, but as people in the last two semesters of the program."

Areas of Ministry: Gateley participates in church, community activities, flu clinics, and is active in local school activities where her children attend. She is also the president of Everton Legion Post 443 baseball organization.