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SBU College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Associate of Science in Nursing


Rebecca Miller, ASN Program Director

Welcome to the Associate of Science Nursing Program at Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Southwest Baptist University. We at Mercy have a rich tradition of providing nursing education. The Sisters of Mercy originally founded the nursing program in 1906. Mercy partnered with SBU in 1996 to provide nursing education within a collegiate setting.

Our program provides the first step into professional nursing practice. Graduates are eligible to take the licensing exam, NCLEX and begin practicing as an RN. While graduates begin practice as RN’s, the next steps of nursing education at the baccalaureate and master’s levels are readily available to them at SBU’s Mercy College of Nursing. Graduates of our program consistently pass the licensing exam at rates greater than the national average and successfully find employment.

Now is an exciting time to consider a career in nursing. For over a decade nurses have been rated as the most trusted of all professionals by Gallop. Many new opportunities for nurses are on the horizon as nurses are being asked to be leaders in the future of healthcare in our country. Our curriculum is rooted in evidence based science delivered in a personalized Christian environment.

As you make decisions about your future education, please feel free to contact us. If you have questions, we want to assist you. I have never regretted my career choice and now I am privileged along with our outstanding nursing faculty to facilitate the education of future nurses in our community. We would be honored to provide your entry level nursing education.

Best Regards,
Rebecca Miller, MSN, RN, CNE
ASN Program Director
Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Southwest Baptist University