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SBU College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Associate of Science in Nursing

Program Requirements

All applicants must have a minimum science GPA of 2.7 and a minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.7.

To receive credit for a required general education course (listed below), the grade must be a C or better.

The following foundational courses must be taken prior to registering for prerequisite courses:
  • MAT 0123 Intermediate Algebra - (SBU Prerequisite for CHE 1104) Exempt if successfully completed high school algebra or Math ACT is at least a 22.
  • BIO 1004 Principles of Biology - (SBU Prerequisite for Microbiology and Anatamoy and Physiology I) Exempt if Science Reasoning ACT is at least a 24.

Required prerequisite courses to be completed or in progress by time of application:


  • CHE 1104 Chemistry - 4 credits with a lab

Biology (courses taken within five years of enrollment in ASN program)

  • BIO 2204 Anatomy and Physiology I - 4 credits with a lab
  • BIO 3304 Anatomy and Physiology II - 4 credits with a lab
  • BIO 2213 Introduction to Microbiology - at least 3 credits with a lab

List of required general education courses for the ASN Program:
General Education courses can be completed before or during the ASN Program. Must have a "C" or better in completed courses.

  • CIS 1103 Introduction to Computing
  • PSY 1013 General Psychology
  • ENG 1113 English Composition I
  • PSY 3063 Human Growth and Development
  • BIO 2243 Nutrition
  • BIB 1013 Old Testament History
  • BIB 1023 New Testament History

Final admissions decisions require the approval of the ASN Director and the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Transfer Credit Information