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Paula S. Steiert

Paula Steiert
Paula S. Steiert, MS
Paula Steiert
Instructor of Biology
Southwest Baptist University
Work 4431 S. Fremont, #131
Springfield, MO 65804
Courses taught:

BIO  2213  Introduction to Microbiology
BIO  3304  Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO  4404  Pathophysiology

Educational background: Steiert earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the College of St. Catherine in 1981, and a Master of Science in Microbiology at the University of Minnesota in 1984.

Why do you enjoy teaching? " I enjoy teaching because I enjoy learning. Each semester I learn something new through the eyes of my students.  I believe that in our increasingly complex world today, we, the teacher and the student, must accept the challenge to be life-long learners so that we are not only consumers but also caretakers of our fragile planet."