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Master of Science in Education at Southwest Baptist University

Master Teaching Certification

SBU offers a program by which qualified graduate students may become certified to teach in elementary, middle or secondary schools while earning the Master of Science in Education degree. The program is designed so that the participant may meet requirements for a Missouri teaching certificate (PC-1) and concurrently complete the requirements for the Master of Science in Education degree.

The graduate level courses are open only to students with a bachelor's degree except by special permission from the Director of Graduate Studies in Education. The intent of the program is to attract outstanding persons from other areas of study for entry into teaching. The program is designed for persons whose undergraduate study was related to the fields in which they plan to teach and who have an outstanding undergraduate record.

Since the program involves study leading to both the Master of Science Degree and the Missouri teaching certificate (PC-1), the degree is not granted until certificate requirements are met, and the certificate is not processed until the Master of Science Degree requirements are met. The program enables the graduate student to earn a Master's Degree and meet teacher certification requirements in a setting which encompasses a Christian perspective. The program is offered by SBU only on the campus in Bolivar. Participants in the program are charged the graduate rate of tuition for all required undergraduate leveling or certification course work. However, only persons fully admitted to the program or in their first semester of study while seeking admission to the program will be approved to take undergraduate leveling courses at the graduate tuition rate. The program is available only to persons who have been formally admitted to the teacher education program.

Criteria for admission into the Master's Degree Teacher Certification program are the same as for admission to Graduate Studies in Education. Among criteria for admission to the Teacher Education program are the development of a complete student file in the Office of Teacher Education, passing scores on all sections of the C-BASE test, and EDU 2113 and EDU 2313, or their equivalents.

After an initial interview with the Certification Officer in Teacher Education at SBU, prospective students are assigned an advisor who provides guidance in admission to and completion of both the Master's Degree and teacher certification requirements. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements for the interview with the Certification Officer in Teacher Education. Completion of the program involves meeting both Missouri teacher certification and Master of Science in Education degree requirements. MS Certification students will take the comprehensive exam in lieu of EDU 5073.

Locations of Branch Campuses and Off-Campus Sites

SBU offers the Master of Science in Education degree at several locations around the state of Missouri. The Master of Science in Educational Administration degree will be offered at the St. Louis and Bolivar locations only. However, a limited number of cohorts may be started at additional locations. To determine if there are courses being offered near your residence, call the Office of Graduate Studies at 1-800-792-4191.