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Master of Science in Education at Southwest Baptist University

Master of Science in Education / Instructional Technology Leadership

This Innovative Master of Science in Instructional Technology Leadership (ITL) degree program is designed for individuals who want to lead the way in improving teaching and learning in educational and training settings through the application of educational technology theory and practice. By completing this program, students will be prepared with the knowledge and abilities necessary to effectively solve learning problems in a variety of settings with an emphasis in instructional technology.

The Instructional Technology Leadership program is specifically designed for students who wish to participate in improving the quality of education at school, work, and community through the informed use of educational technologies. To support this design, the ITL makes use of video, audio, computer, and telecommunication technologies uniquely combined to optimize information access and learning at the graduate level. Courses integrate new curricular experiences involving cooperative learning, project-based assessments, expert interview, product demonstrations, role-modeling, field-based inquiry, and worldwide networking with traditional listen and learn methods.

The 33-credit-hour program includes required course work in the theory and practice of educational technology systems, instructional design and applications, and school leadership in instructional technologies.