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Master of Science in Education at Southwest Baptist University

Master of Science in Education / Instructional Technology Leadership

Degree Requirements

TThe Master of Science in Education/Instructional Technology degree will include the following courses:

  • ITL 5923 Online Teaching in the K-12 Environment
  • ITL 5723 Advanced Media Management and Supervision**
  • ITL 5613 The Instructional Role of Educational Media and Technology**
  • ITL 5813 Technology Planning and Budgeting**
  • ITL 5643 Advanced Hardware and Software
  • ITL 5623 Multimedia Tools and Applications
  • EDU 5213 Current Issues in Educational Technology**
  • ITL 5633 Instructional Material Design and Application**
  • EDU 5083 Educational Research
  • ITL 5733 Leadership in School District Technology**
  • ITL 5093 Field-Based Research in Instructional Technology
    **Indicates courses to be taught Online.