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Master of Science in Education at Southwest Baptist University

Master of Science in Educational Administration

Degree Requirements

  • EDU 5033 Learners and the Learning Process
  • EDU 5083 Educational Research
  • EAD 6001 Introduction to Technology for Administrators**
  • EAD 6002 Foundations of Educational Administration**
  • EAD 6014 School Administration
  • EAD 6024 School Curriculum
  • EAD 6053 School Supervision
  • EAD 6062 Internship 1
  • EAD 6072 Internship 2
  • EAD 6083 Essentials in Law, Finance and Buildings**
  • EAD 6093 Administration of Special Programs
  • EAD 6113 Administrative Communication, Innovation and Management
  • EAD 6132 Capstone Experience
  • EAD 6143 Educational Organizations, Leadership and Change**

**Indicates courses to be taught Online.

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Educational Administration degree the candidate will be recommended for certification in the grade levels of their undergraduate teaching field and recommended for endorsement in K-12 administration. Students must successfully complete the SLLA to receive certification in the State of Missouri.

Residency requirements for the Master of Science in Educational Administration

The residency requirement for the Master of Science degree in Educational Administration may be met in one of two ways: (1) six hours of course work on the SBU Campus, or (2) fifty-one percent (51%) of the courses for the degree taught by full-time SBU instructors. Transfer courses from other institutions will not be counted toward residency.